The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

For my money no place is better for skirt steak than Sabor. Their food is 9$/lb. That means you can have cooked skirt steak for less than what you would pay at a supermarket. Or, for 22 bucks or so, you can have all you can eat skirt steak. Amazing.

I’ve actually been going to Mortons for prime steaks, mostly because they keep hooking me up with great deals. It’s no Luger but it’s pretty decent most of the time.

But the only two steak places in NJ that gets me excited is Collins (Morris Plains) and Arthur’s. That cheap tasty ribeye. And an honorable mention to Fernandes.

Anyone had a steak from McCann’s in Belmar? They seem to have a lot of fans.

Sh*t!!! I left Arthur’s off my list +1 for Arthur’s! North Brunswick location (now closed I think) was my early introduction to big ole steaks. Reasonably priced single or double cut bone in rib eye with an order of their cholesterol booster garlic bread. The Italian bread has a texture similar to wonder bread, sliced and slathered with butter garlic and Parmesan cheese!!!

I went to the Hoboken location about 2 years ago, to my pleasure they added thick cut bacon to their apps.

Love Arthur’s!!! (I’m seriously pissed I forgot about them) Joon where is the closest one to us?

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Gotta be North Brunswick closest. Up 18 to 1 South.

According to Google they are open tonight until 10pm:

I like Arthur’s too. It’s usually a little burned and kind of fatty mountain of meat, but I like it. Arthur’s potatoes are also either raw or burned or both. And the Cole slaw and pickles (half sours) is weird with steak, but somehow it works there.

Now you’ve got me thinking road trip.

Let me see what I have. I lost a lot of pics when my memory card got screwed up somehow but my IT guy helped me recover a good amount of them.



(about time)

Alright a little more steak porn I found…


Pastosa Ravioli in Manalapan on Union Hill Rd. has excellent steaks. They cut their own. Its not that far from you. Just a little place but everything is very high quality.

Interesting…I was out there a few days ago looking at a new car. What kind of cuts do you recommend?

While I appreciate the effort CJ I want some new tomahawk pics!!! These probably come up on google search by now!!!

Shotgun!!! (I thought North Brunswick closed for some reason) You want a road trip I’ll take a road trip for sure!

Ahhh man…I’m trying. Things haven’t been to well on the home front :confused: hopefully soon I’ll be back in action! I’ve been laying low.

Oh, sorry buddy best wishes.

Different management from Hoboken & Morris Plains, there was some kind of dispute a few years ago, which may have led to some confusion.

That’s also why N Brunswick is called Arthur’s Steakhouse & Pub and not Arthur’s Tavern like the others.

But the menu and concept is still the same.

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Well Ceej, way to make a comeback with the juicy steak picks !

That marbled thing that looks like a huge striploin, what cut is that and where did you get it?

Regular 24 oz is $23.95 or double 48 oz is $ 40.95:

I’m guessing you’ll have the double Mr. Challenge… :astonished:

Foodtown has porterhouse $ 5.88 a lb ending today.

I think I am going to head over there and have them custom cut me a nice thick one.

Steak for 2 baby !!!

I want to say the regular was $12 and double $24 back in the early 90’s when I use to frequent them fairly regularly. (I’m completely relying on a very flawed memory so forgive me if I’m wrong) I would absolutely do the double…when are we going? I"ll pay for the gas!!!

Let me check with Helga and get back to you:

That was a NY strip from wholefoods. For some reason NY strips I dont enjoy as much at home. Ribeyes seem to taste a lot better vs the strip steaks (they are still delicious but ribeyes just get the job done on my grill)

yum, thick porterhouse sounds real nice! I’d get a freaking 3 pounder