The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Damn. What cut is that? 24 bucks is a great price for a steak like that. Great char too.

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NY Strip. I’m telling ya @joonjoon stop in, you know my name, tell him your my friend and you’ve seen me posting about his place. As I said I warned him!

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As the presenter aptly mentions, it’s a substitute / imitation of the aging process. Call me a purist (not prudish) but I don’t think I would give these a try.

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Eeeuuuwww !


I submit the following for your consideration. Fwiw I know the chef…in addition to having a fantastic palate, he’s funny as hell (IMO).

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I have a hard time trusting any taste test that’s not done blind, but when the thing they’re comparing it to isn’t even in the group, it’s like… what’s the point?

I have no doubt that putting some fish sauce on a steak a few days before cooking will make it tastier. Fish sauce is like flavor crack, it pretty much makes everything better.


I agree with joon. The issue is, if you took a dry aged steak and put it in that taste test, it would be from another cow so you aren’t quite comparing apples to apples. Getting the same strain cow from the same ranch would make the playing field pretty level though. I agree it would have been better to have some blind tasting and I wonder how real dry aged beef would have stacked up. Also if you want to split hairs, it could depend on which rib position as they differ some. Shit… I need a job as a ribeye taster!

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Like one of these babies!?!?! (compliments of Empire Steakhouse in NY last night)

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Mee likum steak alltime good.

That said, it looks heavy on the char. That bone is pretty black. Did it taste ok?

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Tasted like a little slice of heaven.


Damn that is looking good! Will they serve that unsliced?

I think I’m going to call Mar belo today and see if they have those 60 ouncers. Ive been putting that off for too long.

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No idea if they will serve it unsliced I’ve never asked. Lol

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Grass fed Ribeyes with sauce bernaise:

Served with sliced tomatoes, Caesar salad, sprouts, & tater tits:


Nice! Tis the season!

I got these tonight and they are resting now coming to room temp. Mine is on the right and my uncle’s is on the left. Mine is dark from the coffee rub. It’s an old fashion steak off. 13.99 a pound from whole foods. They look good but we will see how they taste. Some garlic butter will be accompanying these so we will see how they come out and who can out season who lol

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Looks great! Let me know more about the rub and some cooked pics!!!

This was the Sunday $20.00 Prime Rib special at The Pour House. I requested horseradish crusted, they did their best! Lol


I haven’t tried messing around with horseradish at home but I love that root.

So the steaks were a success. The coffee rub was a nice addition to the ribeye without overpowering the natural flatty favor. I’ve done this rub quite a few times so it isn’t new to me. It is Jakes grilling beef rub. It is tasty but mild. I juice it up with hickory saltm

The tiny slices of meat are some bits in garlic butter and some render fat and rub. So good


That looks really good, just the way I like mine cooked, the redder the better.


It was top notch! …Just a little fresh garlic in the butter and those black bits are from the coffee rub. There isn’t too much better than putting rare ribeye into some hot butter to finish it off for a minute. I wish I could eat ribeye every night lol. My uncle eats his first bite and says “holy shit, is there any better steak than a ribeye?”

I think my preparation out did his but it was fun to try two different styles.


Check out this steak porn. I stumbled across it searching for a veal recipe…

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Nice find man. To Play angry old man here, I’ve been to cesca a a few times and loved it, admittedly a few years ago. But I really wonder how places here get off charging so much for veal chops when cesca does it on the uws for 42.