The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


I’m not sure really. Some places can command higher prices for ambiance, trendiness, location, etc. That veal chop does look might tasty.

I am wondering if we should start a new veal thread?


Meat and seafood porn courtesy Lawry’s Chicago.
Lobster tail, 20oz prime rib, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach


That is a nice looking cut! Wow

There isn’t much better than straight up mashed potato and good gravy. So many places try to fancy them up and make it complicated. I’ll take mine with some fresh ground pepper and kosher salt :slight_smile: don’t get me wrong , it is hard to screw up a potato dish but I really don’t need a 12 dollar side dish with some fancy cheese.

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Speaking of “Giant Hunks of Meat !”

Im thinking slow roasting. A little chilly with the wind for the smoker, which was the original plan.


I saw a few of those on sale at shoprite. Looks like you are in for a nice meal! Mom bought me a ribeye but it’s a stop n shop one so I’m guessing it won’t have the best fat content. I may dude it up and use this morrocan rub that I have. I have never tried it on steak but it is tasty stuff.


DH picked up a prime rib out of the case from Shoprite yesterday. I looked at the color and marbling and scratched my head. When I removed the plastic it was apparent the meat was aged and prime. I called the store today completely perplexed. The butcher said that when it is getting down to the wire they throw everything they have left into the case … score!!!
My neighbor is cooking his on the grill, having had it that way at the Weber restaurant in Chicago I think it’s a waste of a good piece of meat … ours is going to be cooked in the oven.




To those who celebrate, happy holiday!


Wow…good score! I’ve never seen any aged meat at my local shoprite. That cap looks delicious


@NotJrvedivici when are we going? seriously. Happy Easter buddy


It was … perfect … even the cat was walking around meowing, something she never does

His end cut

mine :slight_smile:


The sides

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Got this 26oz blue cheese crusted tomahawk rib eye at Steak 85 last night. $99. Included to 4(?)oz lobster tails, while it was good, it also just wasn’t great. I asked medium rare /medium and it was well rare. I didn’t send it back but the steak was a bit chewy for a rib eye. Rarely am I not thrilled at Steak 85, just bad luck of the draw I guess.

Interesting side note, they are offering a 50mil individual bottle of Louie XIII for $650. I attempted to challenge them on that pricing, the say they serve it by the glass for $75 per half ounce. Who wants to figure out the conversion? I say a 4oz Pour from the bottle will be cheaper than the individual bottle. By my logic the individual bottle at $650 is over priced by double.

Ok smart people who is going to figure this out?

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50 milliliters equals 1.7 ounces. So 50 mil at the $75 per half ounce price only costs $255.00. A 4 ounce pour would be $600 and 2.35 times the quantity of the 50 mil bottle

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So my half ass’d Chinese arithmetic wasn’t too far off!! I did more or less challenge the owner on the pricing on the way out, he claimed he is only making $50. per bottle and he paid $600 per piece. There is an “x” factor in the crystal decanter does have a definitive value, I know people who sell / buy empties on ebay for a couple hundred bucks.

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting Bossa.


There is a novelty in buying the miniature bottle. It also appears that they were not too far off on the price of the bottle as this article from a few years back states that it retailed for $600.

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Now, for extra credit, how much were the lobster tails per milligram ?

This will require some assumptions, please include these and your calculations for full credit.


Someone should do a survey on this. (HINT: NOT ME!) :joy:

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Two things to say:

  1. This thread makes me sad because it has been a long time since I last had a good steak.

  2. What the hell are you guys’ cholesterol levels?!?!

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I can’t speak for others but in my case I dilute the cholesterol with vodka.


I’ve tried the 3 day a while back. I thought it was ok, but not that much difference.


I dilute everything with vodka!