The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Ha! That’s the one I knew of…

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Steak tacos.

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I usually get my cheap prime rib fix at Clancy’s in Neptune/Asbury. It’s like 18 bucks for what looks like a good 20 oz of PR. It’s on the special basically every day. Also in Ocean, Sunset diner has a smaller PR for roughly the same money.

To be clear, it’s not great PR. It’s cheap PR. But it’s also 18 dollars. :slight_smile:

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FYI, thevPour House is outside the circle of trust due to three gastrointestinal incidents in a row.


After the last I complained to the Manager. He just shrugged.

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Yeah same can be said for Pour House, for $ 19.99 comes with soup or salad and two sides. Not great but good, like their sirloin! lol (although at $ 30+ for the sirloin it’s not really cheap)

@VikingKaj I have never had such an experience there, sorry you did.

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You know - I really don’t eat out that much anymore. It never ceases to impress me how little effort most restaurants put into their food. I had some calamari the other night from a place in Clark called Gallos. Everybody was going on about how good it was & yada yada yada. Pffft… It was properly cooked - crispy & tender but no tentacles. So - obviously this is NOT fresh squid. Fresh squid comes with tentacles. So it was some frozen crap. I had to ask for lemon with it & it came with a little cup of marinara. Which had no detectable flavor whatsoever. Fried Calamari is not a complex dish… & that’s kind of typical of my experience with most of the local restaurants. With a little effort & attention it could be really, really god. But it isn’t.

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The Brothers here in Red Bank has really good calimari.

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It’s ok, I can get caught up on my Hungry Onion posts.


Brothers calamari = top notch

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That’s a shame, tentacles are the best part!

Speaking of calamari, has anyone noticed that more and more places are switching to the big fat squids instead of the small ones that used to be ubiquitous? What’s the deal with that? I like 'em both, but I’m guessing market forces are at work.

@NotJrvedivici It seems that’s how it is at a lot of places, 20$ish prime rib special for a 20oz ish cut, whereas a 16oz strip is like 25+. How does that work? Ribeye is generally a few cents more expensive than strip at every market I’ve been to. I wonder if there is some sort of “prime rib” grade cheap processed ribeye that people must be using for this to be a thing. I have a hard time believing all these places are roasting whole ribeyes and slicing them to order while accurately meeting demand and keeping it cheaper than steaks. I’m calling shenanigans!

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You know Viking - whether the calamari was good or bad isn’t really the point. It’s the lack of effort. When I cook at home or when we make our products I put as much effort as possible to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be. I have no problem paying for good food but It just drives me nuts to pay money for something nobody cares about. Of course, I am a notoriously frugal (cheap) bastard so this may influence my opinions…

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Just grilled a couple of dry aged NY strips from Monmouth Meats. At 18.99 a pound they were 4.00 more than the standard strip. Stu’s meat is always excellent and his non aged strip is always an awesome cut of beef. The dry aging as expected just kicked the beef flavor up several notches and turned what is always an awesome cut of meat into probably the best I’ve ever had outside of top level steakhouses like Old Homestead or Prime and Provisions in Chicago.

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Love Monmouth meats!! Next time don’t forget a pic!

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Not sure where to put this but had an awesome night at Knife and Fork in Atlantic City last night. Great prime aged rib eye Oscar style, delicious!! My favorite restaurant in A/C!


No steak pics? I haven’t had a steak in weeks. I’m still trying to shed some pounds and ribeyes don’t help the cause lol. However, Friday I’m going to Blu gratto so I think I’ll have to indulge.

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No sorry no pics, I was too hungry by the time I ate I devoured it without any pics.


Thought I’d share this with you prime rib fans…it’s at Blend on Main


Blend on Main is on Manasquan.


Had a very nice 18 oz bone-in, dry-aged Pat LaFrieda ribeye at Restaurant 618 in Freehold. Only very slight gripe was that it could have been a little thicker of a cut, but for $49 no complaints.

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Really my friend? That is good news if they have improved since my one and only visit. They are very convenient to us.
How was everything besides the steak? My visit they screamed Sysco.