The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Selling those tickets was pure genius.

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Pour House 24oz Kansas City Strip. It’s not a bad piece of meat, it’s not great either. Lol

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Just curious what you mean by not great either. How can a 24 oz strip cooked to right temperature not be good?

I guess to answer my own question I’ve had a similar experience at Char. Perfectly cooked ribeye, somehow couldn’t cut or chew through it.

Steak looks awesome though, maybe just a random bad cut.

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Listen it’s no secret I’m a steak prude and so I’m a bit biased when I order a steak. It’s your average choice cut, but what kind of annoys me is it goes directly from fridge to grill with -0- seasoning. When it’s not busy and I get a seat by the kitchen I cab get the grill mans attention and I’ll give it a healthy coating of salt and pepper, believe it or not that alone makes a world of difference for flavor. They also have clarified butter behind the bar for their clams, so again if I can get the grill guys attention and ask him to ladle some over the steak when completed that helps too. Last night it was too busy and the bartenders who take your order aren’t very helpful when giving them cooking instructions so I gave up on that a long time ago. (they have salt and pepper grinders on the bar)

On the flip side though the left overs make a good steak for steak n eggs in the morning after!!

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A little pat of buttah or a drizzle of good EVO, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper are critical in the seasoning of any steak.

Next time at PH have them get you some extra butter, they have this for the baked potatoes, and ask to borrow the salt a pepper grinders. Then you can season it yourself.

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So after The Pour House pissed me off last night I had to take things into my own hands. Prime Rib a perfect medium rare finished with a horseradish crust.


Take em down a peg jr! Lol. Take that PH! :smile:

What does this crust entail? I am a HR guy when it come to roast beef cold cuts. I never really do it much on my steaks.

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I use a simple horse radish and sour cream combination, or you can buy a creamy horse radish sauce in the condiments isle. Spread that on top with some bread crumbs and pop under the broiler.

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So I’m posting this here as a “vent” and since this is a NJ thread most of you will know the places I’m talking about. My prime rib dinner was the result of a few restaurant “fails” I experienced over the weekend, which I shall share here in my “vent”.

Sat. night anniversary dinner was at Blue Grotto a place I’m fond of and I waited all day to order their steak. Well they changed their menu and instead of the nice strip they had, the changed it to a 14oz. strip on the bone, regardless of the waitress hard sell on how much better a bone in steak is, any steak eater knows 14 oz on the bone is doing to do yield 9-10 oz of meat IF you’re lucky. I passed. (disappointed)

Sunday I went to The Pour House, they had prime rib on special $ 19.99 Queen Cut. I ask the bartender, are the prime rib’s pre-portioned or sliced to order. I’m given a hand / visual response which leads me to believe it’s a whole piece of meat that is cut to order, excellent!!! I then ask: “Can I get a king or double cut, I will pay whatever up-charge for it.” the bartender leaves to ask then returns to say: " All we can do is give you two orders and you will have to pay for both". I asked again, are you sure they are cut to “order” and she acknowledged yes they are and the double order would throw of the yield / number of servings per roast so they have to charge full price for both.

Here is what really pisses me off!!! If you are giving me a true double order, since you are charging me double the price, then it doesn’t throw the yield off at all. It’s NO different than two people ordering the same meal. (sorry that excuse doesn’t fly) NOR does charging me full price when I requested 1 double cut. If the price is $19.99 and you can give me a true double cut -OR- if I do order two cuts, then the second should be offered at roughly $15/$14.99. Why? Well included in the price of any meal is the of incidentals, I’m not asking for nor do I want two salads (comes with the special) 4 sides (2 comes with the special) I’m not drinking extra water, asking for two bread baskets or ruining multiple sets of linen.

Either the bartender didn’t really feel like asking because they thought the answer was too logical, double order = double price, or the manager was educated at the actual CIA and was wondering how he graduated with a permit to carry a gun but never learned how to make a proper omelette. (I’ve actually wondered how many college transcripts, applications etc. are sent to Langley each year because kids are too stupid to realize they googled the wrong CIA address…seriously think about it you know it must happen a few dozen times a year. lol)

So needless to say that pissed me off and I wouldn’t order the prime rib so I got the crappy steak instead.

VENT OVER!! Thank you.


Shame would have expected more from the Pour House. That being said I haven’t gone out specifically for prime rib since Cryan’s closed :open_mouth: May need to do some local research. Does anyone other than PH/SD have a prime rib special any more?


Who wants a queen cut not me. I want a hunk of meat without a b/s explanation and it would be tough for me to return for a mediocre strip.


I think @joonjoon has mentioned a prime rib special…just can’t remember where! Hopefully he’ll chime in.

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Cryan’s!?!?!?! Well there is a blast from the past, which of their locations did you patronize? I grew up locally to their Metuchen location which has been gone at least 10 years now.


South Orange was my go to location (even though not near to my house)

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Interesting, I never knew they had a South Orange location. You know who use to have a decent prime rib, although on my last visit I was VERY disappointed, is Houlihans. They offer it Thurs - Sun and they were one of the places when I ordered a “double cut” I literally was served to complete entree’s. (separate cuts)

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If it were me I’d be inclined to go to TPH’s web ‘contact us’ page and simply paste in your rant. Nothing ventured, nothing …

I want to like TPH (and TSD) more - but I am constantly insulted by the silverware they put in front of me. Small, yes; important to me, yes.

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Oh please elaborate on this.

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… both restaurants use the cheapest stamped crap that they can put their hands on. I should never need to straighten a fork or un-bend a spoon. Eating utensils should not distort with normal use.

Small change but a pet peeve nonetheless (and terribly easy to address). Compare what Porta hands you to what The Pour House hands you…

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I’ve only had the pizza at Porta so my hands ( which are quiet large and sturdy) have been my only utensils there. Honestly I’ve never noticed if TPS or TSD used a sub par vs. normal stock restaurant utensils. I"m going to pay extra attention next time!!