The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


I can def see Rosemary…

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Rosemary, German thyme & marjoram.

I did a wet rub with the herbs, Spanish EVO, Worcestershire, sea salt and black pepper.

Then grilled, repeat herbs, and in a low oven to finish.

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Yep. We could call it Blast Off Bulgogi…

Or Boom Boom Chicken.

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NY strippers

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sadly, my experience with NY strippers has been less carnivorous and more costly…


Please excuse this rube from Houston but is a NY stripper the same as a NY strip which I have cooked many times rare/med rare?

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NY strip… marbling = :grinning:

Ny stripper… marbling=👎

Ny strip goes with nice cab sav

Ny stripper = champagne (room)


Thanks, best of luck to the Mets next year as long as they don’t meet my Astros in the world series. I’ve been around long enough not to assume anything. Let’s hope we both win it all soon.


Way to make it rain on those strippers with the herbs

Hell we should do a hodown at robert’s in NYC! :stuck_out_tongue:

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***Rule 47.32 section C of the Hungry Onion Terms and Conditions of use

“Any member of the community whom proposes a HO-down outside of their local state must have attended at least 1 HO-down with their native state.”

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A little garlic chives, they just grow wild in the yard this time of year. I use em on most everything. There was a pat of buttah, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper involved too.

Nebraska corn fed, perfect rare with a warm red center, they had a nice beefy flavor.

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Not a big fan of Scores?

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Hey, are these published somewhere?

I was looking and couldn’t find this.

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***Rule 87.45 section D&E of the Hungry Onion Terms and Conditions of Use.

“A copy of the written Terms and Conditions of Use will be given to each Ho upon their first attendance to a HO-down.”

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You should apply to be a ref against the Giants.

They are very creative at coming up with rules no one has heard of…

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Does the blind pig, or even Eli, finally find the truffle today?

The Hell A Snotchargers kind of suck this year too.

It’s a big Wienerfestival, the battle of the wursts.


I’ve got a little cash on the gmen today. I think they win this one but I’m probabaly wrong lol

It will be feast or famine I think. They either go down in flames or put up a nice showing. I dont foresee this being a nail biter.

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Sold my tickets to today’s game because my son couldn’t make it and the weather report being what it is. Unfortunately an 0-4 record makes it easier to not attend.


I never sold my ticket to a Houston Oiler game, but the weather in the Astrodome was always perfect except…

An Astros “rainout” against the Pirates. I had tickets to the game with my Grandmother when another epic Houston flood hit and nobody could reach the Dome except the players that were already there.

We get insane rainfall events here, see tropical storms Harvey, Allison, and Claudette. I’ve been through three major hurricanes that wreck everything but it’s the tropical storms that stall and cause catastrophic flooding.

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Wow. Giants and Eli screw the pooch again.

To the hapless Chargers no less.

And the Jets barely pull out a barker against a powerhouse Cleveland.

Stadium dogs at Meadowlands will be selling at a discount come November.

Woof woof I say!