The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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So Shrimpfest this Friday at RL in Oakhurts for lunch would be out?

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It would be out regardless how fat or semi-fat I am! lol


You can do it!!

(David) #388

Are we at all surprised that a group of food loving people all have a few extra pounds on us?

So maybe no big Hodown this month?


Haha. Some of us have to wear the badge of honor.

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Go for it, please do NOT sacrifice for me. I’m just being honest I’ve been on a good roll of over indulging and have to cut back but that is NO reason not to continue the momentum of the Ho’downs. Depending on where it is I might still join, if nothing else top by afterward to say hello. Maybe with my absence @VikingKaj will come out of his shell.

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Or, in my case, the walk of shame.

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Or more accurately, “the waddle of shame”

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We could also go somewhere with healthier choices (Greek or other Mediterranean options come to mind)…like…dinner at Bayroot, which I’ve been meaning to do?

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I am flattered at the willingness of everyone to accommodate me, truth is there are healthy options anywhere. I can’t think of one place we have gone to that you can’t find a reasonable dish at. So please make whatever plans you want or have previously discussed. Thank you for being as conscientious as you are being.

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The garlic shrimp are a not as bad option.

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So now we know why you look so grim here

It’s not just Eli…

You’re starving.


Hey…that’s MY line about being able to find healthy food on any menu!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hear you jr. I’ve been doing it for like a year. It sucks but after a while it pays off.

So folks, where should I get my next steak (somewhere new)

I’m thinking grand tavern, blu gratto, or the ribeye at woodys. I thought the strip at woodys was decent so I’d be willing to give the ribeye at whirl.

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Give woodys a try you won’t be disappointed.


Yeah one of these days I will get there for that ribeye. That’s on my list. Maybe my next steak outting will find me there. Has anyone had the Tramas dry aged ribeye?

@joonjoon any badass ribeyes in AP lately? When the hell is AP going to get a Korean joint? We need one before we get into this nuclear war :smile:

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Grilled Loin Lamb Chops with fresh herbs.

They are like a little porterhouse.


Daaaayum that looks good!


I love those things. What kind of herbs? I always wonder why they aren’t more popular on menus.