The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


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Got this baby at Picola Italia last night.

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Skirt Alert !

Through Labor Day Best Market in Holmdel is featuring USDA Choice Skirt Steak for $ 5.97 a pound with $ 25 additional purchase.

We had guests today so a I forgot to take photos but we grilled up a bunch for lunch today and it was awesome. Some of the best skirt steak I have ever had. So tender. Delishus.

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Perhaps truer words were never spoken. :slight_smile:


That’s a great price and good to hear they came out well. How did you prepare?

Damn Jr that is looking awesome. It looks like you’re sharing that beast too. What did you think of the fight?

24oz bone in prime strip…good stuff!

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Not seasoned, grilled on a smoking hot grill 3-4 minutes a side to sear and get grill marks.

Off the grill for ten minutes resting, then seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper and Adobo.

Into a slightly prewarmed oven for 2-3 minutes with the chorizo and longaniza.

Resting on top of oven for 15 minutes.

Sliced thinly on the bias with a slicing knife.

Seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper, adobo, a little EVO and garnished with cilantro and green onion.

Served with chimichuri and the reserved juices from the steak and sausages on the side.

Absolutely tender, red through out, and warm all the way through.


I use the same recipe but I put some oregano on too…easy and delicious


Clearly not the best fat content but for 6.99 a pound this bone in strip was pretty tasty with a nice coffee rub. Stop n shop on sale now


USDA Choice, very nice value.

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Took the boy into the City for a good ole’ steak dinner at Empire Steakhouse before he moves back to school this weekend. No pic of the steak last night but here’s the leftovers! (sometimes I feel dirty using such good cuts for steak n eggs but it just so f’n good)

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Got some nice shell steaks from Livoti’s in Middletown for only $5.99 a pound last night.


Did you happen to see those huge veal shanks? I’m going to get one of those soon and report back

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Venison back straps (strip loin) with mushrooms.


Looking tasty! Was that from last season or out of state?

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Last fall. Time to move em, new coming in.

The Bambi was really tender.


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Grilled double porterhouse with sauteed cremini mushrooms


A friend of mine killed a couple deer a few years ago and during a Super Bowl chicken fried the back straps, (that’s what we call tenderloin in Texas.) It was so good and tender not a crumb was left.

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Impressive Sir !!! After taking the summer off of my diet and gym, I"m back on the diet grind. My “big steak” consumption will live vicariously through your posts for awhile. Eat well my friend!! (for the both of us)

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NOOOO !!! Say it ain’t so.

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It’s so, sadly it’s so. I let up on my “regime” at the beginning of the summer and I’m truly disgusted with the amount of weight I’ve put on. ((sigh)) Hopefully a month or two of drying out and healthy eating and I can start to indulge, TO AN EXTENT, again. It ain’t easy…