The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Wow, what’s going into the juanitos spot? That place never did it for me. I had some good nights drinking there with large parties, but never got into the food. I can’t recall one memorable dish there.

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Photos are useless without a description of the Taste and Tenderness for a brisket.

Which some of us are still waiting for.


Your loyal bbq fans

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Good question. In fact, excellent question.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Barky was in the smoke for only four hours of the more than 16 hours of cooking time. Used the Texas crutch for the 12 hours in the oven at 220. Then let it rest for two more hours afterwards before slicing. I did make burnt ends with the leftovers by coating the trimmed chunks in bbq sauce and cooking for more than an hour at 350.

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Yep. Awful. Just the worst Mexican food.

Carlos O’Connors is another.

On the Border in East Brunswick.

That $Hi+hole Casa Comida in Oceanport.

And then we have the Slottbucks improvisations, like Poops Garage.

It is so surprising to me since we have a lot of Mexicans and Central Americans running around, but apparently old school jersey gringo messed up pseudo Mexican slop survives.

It must be a fish bowl sized margaritas and happy hour.

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And in the category of in Red Bank the name changes but the owners and crappy food don’t (Basil tees, Earth Pizza) we have a new entry:

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Yummmm crispy ends! I can only imagine how good those must be!


Umm, Texas crutch is frowned upon down here in Texas.

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So do you prefer clod or brisket?


I could Google, but I’d rather hear it from folks here…what’s Texas crutch?

Brisket all the way, moist with lots of bark.
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It’s what I had to use for 4-6 weeks after I rode the mechanical bull at Gillies.

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Texas crutch is when you wrap your meat in foil for part of the cooking.

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Wait a second! That’s what I do when I go tanning naked!

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See video at roughly minute 20 where Aaron Franklin discusses the merits of wrapping brisket:

He contrasts butcher paper, tin foil and unwrapped.

There are proponents and opponents of wrapping, it does alter the results.




OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Interesting. (again) :joy:


You had me at Aaron Franklin. :slight_smile:


Holy Cow … literally !!!

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Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune discussing the physics of the evaporative heat loss, and how the crutch helps you to power through the stall:


I crutch…no shame in my game.