The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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True @Metsfan53, it really sucks when you spend a lot and anticipate an awesome steak eating experience and get something, shall we say, less…

The thing about skirt steak, for me at least, is that it is one of the very few meats I can mostly enjoy when overcooked.


Damn…sorry to hear that. I haven’t had a steak in a month. I’m trying to live a little healthier and it isn’t too fun lol. I’m about ready for a CC strip!

@Metsfan53 @seal the rodeio grill has some top notch skirt steak. That is my “go to” spot around here.

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I had a hankering for skirt steak a week or two ago I went to my local Acme to pick some up. It was $11.95/$12.95lbs? When the hell did skirt steak cost as much as a strip? Was that just an Acme rip off or is the price of skirt comparable to what I consider to be far superior cuts?

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Sorry @NotJrvedivici but skirt hasn’t been the bargain cut it used to be for quite a while now. That’s why I rarely get a skirt anymore except for when I rodizio.

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I’ve moved on to London broil. I Stock up when foodtown has it for 1.99 a lb. want to try flap steak or tri tips one of these days too. Some of the previous cuts have become trendy and restaurants are buying up supply causing upward pricing pressure. It’s why I do a lot more pork now too.


According to an erstwhile Houston food critic the Japanese are buying most of the preferred outside skirt steak.

It’s not common to find outside skirt in Houston but I know a Mexican market that sells it for 7.99 a pound.

The same has happened with big blue crabs as most are shipped off to Maryland.

Scroll down for a sampling of the Houston food scene. We’re very diverse.


Acme’s meat prices are insane!!!


The price of skirt steak is outrageous. It has been this way for years. The best deal is at best market I have found. It is like 8 a pound. Most grocery stores are 13-14 a pound. I have no idea why but it’s not cheap now. This is why I hit rodeio grill hard for so many years. It was like 22 bucks and now it’s something like 32. The price finally caught up.


It’s expensive now because people finally figured out how good it is and it
is popular and they can get the $$$ for it

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You can do a little upskirt at best market this week for $4.99 a lb or $ 11.00 a kilo:

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Well this article is from 1989 and the same thing was supposedly going on then:

Seems to me fajitas everywhere have something to do with the scarcity as well.

According to the article, skirt steak also used to be known in NYC as “Rumanian” tenderloin.


It still is! Everyone needs to experience Sammy’s at least once!

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New use for leftover steak, I made some steak enchiladas tonight:


What’s leftover steak?

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So many people in love with the reverse sear these days but I don’t get it…EXCEPT when you are dealing with a ridiculously thick, lovely hunk of beef like you were. Give 'er a google.

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Steak with Jersey tomatoes and Jersey corn.

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Here is sentiment I’m sure we all can agree with:

What say CDom?

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as much as I love steak those tomatoes look incredible…one of my favorite things in life, a nice perfectly ripe tomato.

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Prrrretty sure I just came in my pants.


Turn one over for two minutes and my steak is done.