The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Slightly over cooked, but still one hell of a steak.


Looking good jr! That is one hell of a butcher

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Fernandez tonight???


@NotJrvedivici beach tavern now has a 48oz tomahawk. I’m not a raw shellfish guy but they also have 1.00 oysters for happy hour.

I might have to try and tackle that beast one of these days.

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I smell a challenge


I could do it but Jr is the undisputed king of demolishing meat! @NotJrvedivici


Beach tavern now has a 20 dollar steak special Tuesday nights. If this is the same PRIME NY strip special I had a while back on a Sunday afternoon, this is a really nice piece of meat. Nothing like dumping lots of garlic butter on top of a well marbled steak :slight_smile:

@VikingKaj @joonjoon @The_Happy_Wizard this place has legit fries too.

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Wow that looks Solid!!! I wish thier online
Menu was better bc I would be more inclined to know if they had deals that were good like that and not subject to beach tax


I think that for 20 bucks you’ll be hard pressed to find a better steak in a nice venue and location (if it is indeed the strip that I had)

Try the copper canyon steak. That is my “go to” steak around here. Dollar for dollar, I don’t know of a better steak locally.

Ps…the beach tavern 8 dollar fried shrimp dinner at happy hour is top notch.

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Things are starting to getting a little carried away even for me.


Holy giant hunk of meat Batman! Is there any of that cow left?

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It depends. Is that the Peter Luger for one, or the Peter Luger for two?

If it’s for two, seems perfectly reasonable to me.

How did that can of Corona wander into the shot? It’s blocking my view.

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The beer can was for reference before I found the tape measure. Here’s the finished product, oh and some bugs to help wash it down.

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And yes I over cooked the porterhouse. :rage:


We’ve all done that. It hurts so bad.

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Try searing on all sides on a really hot grill and then finishing it in a 225 degree oven for five minutes. Then turn the heat off and leave it in the oven for 10 more minutes, and then let it rest out of the oven for 5-10 minutes, or longer if you can, before slicing.

You will get perfect rare all the way through with a warm red center.

It’s the only way to get a porterhouse that thick done properly, if you try to grill it to finish it will over cook or under cook everytime.

The oven and resting steps allow the heat to distribute evenly through the steak.

I also put a couple of big pats of butter or some EVO on it before putting it in the oven to keep it happy.


Looking good buddy! Is that a Monmouth meats cut?

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That’s more or less exactly what I did however I put it in a pan on the top shelf of the grill instead of the oven, butter bath as well.

@corvette_johnny actually this was from shop rite butcher.


Looks like a nice cut.

Has anyone had any good ribeyes lately?

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I was very disappointed with the rib eye at Pascal and Sabines, had it on Friday.

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After too many disappointments even though rib eye is my favorite cut I’ve decided to stick to filet mignon or strip unless I’m at a top notch steakhouse these days a la del Fricos. Too many places just screw it up. Will probably venture into skirt steak or flat irons soon too. Not that they are cheap but at least if they mess it up it’s less than 50 bucks wasted.