The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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It’s your average tomahawk. (Thank you @CurlzNJ)


The rib bones seem really wide. Maybe it’s just me drooling :smile:

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Since our boy Viking has gone MIA this thread hasn’t seen much love, here is my contribution. Twin filet mignon’s set atop a tempura fries tomato slice, topped with crumbled and creamy blue cheese served on a plate with buffalo and sriracha.


Yum…looking tasty jr. I actually had chicken out last night lol. I can’t remember the last time I had a chicken entrée while dining out (Sans wings, fried bird, etc) I’ve been laying off beef some and trying to lose some more pounds. Don’t worry, steak pics will be coming in a few weeks :wink:

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Good luck on the weight loss. I’m “in between” diet plans so I’m getting the good stuff in while I can. Lol

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I’ll just leave this here…(prime aged bone in rib eye and extra thick cut bacon compliments of Monmouth Meats my new favorite butcher)


Nice! Monmouth meats rocks.


Love Stew he’s the best!

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You like apples? Well how do you like these apples? Booyah!!! (compliments of Cuzins Clam House in Marlboro, NJ see my review!!!)

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Haven’t tasted, but thought I’d put this here for a heads up. Due Mari is a great Michael White restaurant in New Brunswick. Looks like they have LaFrieda dry aged tomahawks now.

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I’ll just leave this here;


That’s just MEAN.

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Monmouth Meats, my new favorite place in the world!!!


Monmouth Meats makes a mean sandwich for lunch there, too!

When I worked in the area, would usually get the DLC: Grilled Chicken,Avocado,Bacon,Dill Havarti Cheese,Lettuce,Dill Pickle Potato Chips,Chipolte Mayo on a Chiabatta Bread $6.95

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Mother of god.


@NotJrvedivici Justvthoyght is share this… :grin:


@NotJrvedivici my boss was at Christine’s sat and said his NY strip special was outrageous! I’m not sure how it differs from the regular strip but he may still have some on the menu.

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Lol you know what call me a creature of habit but nothing can tempt me away from the veal chop (parm preferably) or Christine. Nope, that’s my meal when I go there!

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Time to kick off the summer grilling season! Got this big boy at Monmouth Meats, 28 (or more) days dry aged Tomahawk rib eye!

Not sure I’m going to get the rib eye at Fernandez tomorrow after this, paella here I come!!

Enjoy the weekend peeps!

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Amen hallelujah praise the lord!!