The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


@CurlzNJ - finally made it to Grand Tavern just prior to the holidays. Had a very nice meal (not the tomahawk) and excellent cocktails. I really like the place.


It’s at the top of my list for '17!


Since when are 42oz steaks for two people? When did this trend take hold? :wink:

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Two ordinary people.

But Superman don’t need no cape.

Isn’t that right @NotJrvedivici ?

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That’s right!!!

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I just subliminated this thing

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That’s Cooper Canyon, I can recognize my meats!!

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(If YOU or anyone you know is offended by silly sophomoric humor DO NOT CONTINUE READING, skip this thread, close your browser and unplug your router. Turn the internet off before you consider continuing. )

Still here? Proceed slowly but don’t forget I warned you!!!

Actually @viking if we are talking super heroes without capes, I would have to say I’m more a Spider-Man, literally.

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Eeuuuw !

In point of fact, double Eeuuuw.

Eeuuuw ! Eeuuuw !

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Carne Asada tacos:

Dry rubbed a top round London broil with adobo, ancho, cumin & oregano and then took advantage of a break in the storms today to griller up and slice thin.



Got another one tonight…great stuff. I wanted to hit harrys for the prime rib special but drove by. There were at least a few people at the bar though when I looked inside.


Belmonte skirt steak last night…excellent. Their chimichurri is damn tasty. I remember ranting a while back when the belmonte first opened that this place should serve the steak with potato and they finally did it. They jacked the price up two bucks but this could be due to rising beef costs. Anyway, you get a large pile now. For 26 in a nice venue it’s not a bad deal. I wish some of the local rodizio spots offered rocking chimichurri for the skirt steak.

Ps…ask for the potatoes with the garlic aioli. I forgot this time.

This pic is weak but it’s a good dish…trust me. The bar tenders, Brad and evan, are completely on point too.

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Brought my son to the city last night and hit my new favorite spot, Empire Steakhouse. Beautiful porterhouse cooked a perfect medium with shrooms and onions, German potatoes, creamed spinach and truffle mac n cheese. Great night.


Wow that mac looks heart clogging! Good stuff Jr

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FWIW to my Monmouth County Friends, Acme in Lincroft had USDA PRIME steaks on sale for $13.99lbs. I think that is close to what I paid for prime & aged at Monmouth Meats so I’m not 100% sure that is a great price, I just found them carrying Prime in general to be unusual. (I bought one will probably have it tonight and report back)

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I wanna see the marbling! Picture please.

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Sorry Joon I pre-cooked all my meals for the week last night, I forgot to take a pre-cooked pic. Honestly it did not appear to be heavily marbled and although I over cooked it reheating it tonight it wasn’t very impressive cooked. (Albeit again over cooked)


@NotJrvedivici You’re welcome.


Wow…talk about some food porn lol.

Is it me or are those some huge rib bones?