The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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You sure that wouldn’t singe those eyebrows of yours???


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Wow!!! AWESOME !!!

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That is pretty much what I lifted my lid to, except mine was probably going for about 5 minutes before I realized it.

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As promised in the oyster thread here is tonight’s big ole’ NJ steak; tomahawk Ribeye compliments of Steak 85 New Brunswick. Prime aged 28 days, 26oz blue cheese crusted for $55. This might be the best tomahawk in the central jersey area. Especially when compared to the 16oz strip of Formagerie for $80!?!? Fogettabout it!!


Holy crap that looks killer jr! I will have to get there.

Thanks @CurlzNJ

Not a @NotJrvedivici masterpiece like above, but had this last night. That’s a 12oz tail…looked a little light to me but still tasted good swimming in butter :slight_smile:

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Temp is 45°, wind chill feels like 25°.

Balls not dropping here.

But we have, nonetheless, Porterhouse on the grill:

To be served with freedom fries, green beans with bacon & spätzle, and sprouts.

An oyster pan roast is to start.


Wow those look to have some nice fat on them. Foodtown?

I had a copper canyon NY strip last night and it was great. For some reason this one was more marbled and mouth-watering than normal…wonderful fat content. I haven’t been in a few months. Dollar for dollar that steak dominates everthing around here imo. If anyone has better recommendations on how to spend 33 bucks, I would love to hear it! (Not home cooked)

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Shoptite USDA Choice on special for $ 4.99 lb.

Picked em up when I got the oysters for the pan roast.

I looked for ones with nice filet and good marbling.

Photos??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not truly a steak but still a shit ton of red meat, I decided to usher in the new year with the meat sweats courtesy of Fernandes III.

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Sim, Sim Senhor !!!

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For our annual New Year’s Eve beef fondue, I bought these Prime Tenderloin Steaks which I cut up myself.

<a href="At Home: New Year's Eve 2016

Details and more photos on my New Year’s Eve blog post.

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Yes I have photos of plenty of cc steaks but didn’t take one the other night.

@NotJrvedivici. I still haven’t been to Fernandes 3. I can’t believe I’m willing to admit that. How was the rodizio? My entire family has been there probably several times each and I just haven’t been yet.

@RGR nice looking tenderloin there! You don’t see marbling like that everyday.

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Johnny I don’t know what else I can do to get you there, you want me to create a rodizio food challenge?? It didn’t work for Appella!!

You should give it a shot, they often have a tomahawk on special I think it’s $50 or $55 comes with salad bar and side(s). Not a bad deal, although angus not prime.

All kidding aside I’m game anytime you care to meet up there. I’m currently doing a 28 day diet but after this month you name it!!

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What is the rodizio running at Fernandes these days?

Is there a difference between lunch and dinner?

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I honestly don’t recall the per person price. Check for 5 people was 214 including tax…so an even $200 without, minus $20 large pitcher sangria, minus $6.00 two soft drinks = $174 / 5 people = $34/$35pp? Sound about right??? Yes I do believe lunch is cheaper but I cannot quote you that, also they had a discounted “late night” price from 10-11 or something like that going on over the summer.

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Due to my New Years resolution/ new diet, there won’t be any more “big ole’” steaks in my immediate future, but I can still enjoy a couple of these “normal ole” sized steaks. 8oz strip from TJ’s it was grass fed, hormone free(?) and a bunch of other things I didn’t pay much attention to until I tasted it and it was a very tasty piece of meat. Side’s of 1 cup brown rice and 1 cup steamed broccoli. Ho-hum so it goes…trying to get lean for 17!!!’

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Snif. Snif.

OK, I can’t hold back, Braaawgh !

I live vicariously through those posts. I am so sad.

Say it ain’t so …

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26 more days of my fat shred diet, then we will see where things take me. Hang in there…you can do it.


You’re (all) welcome. :blush:

That was posted on Instagram by The Grand Tavern… The post says “Côte du boeuf, our 42 oz 30-day dry aged tomahawk for two. Don’t forget to wrap the bone for your furry friends at home !” Or @NotJrvedivici :grin: