The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Yeah it will be a freebie :slight_smile:

I actually have never had a bad meal there. Some are better than others, but it has consistently been decent. It is obviously not that cheap and I know of much better values, but if money isn’t a huge issue, this place is ok.

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Call me a stickler for details but I was entertaining someone there for dinner we were sitting at the bar, both of our steaks came out cooked far over temperature. I called the bartenders attention to it, she listened but didn’t take the steaks away, instead we sat there for about 5 minutes until a “manager / chef” came out from the kitchen to ask us what was wrong. When I explained we ordered medium rare and each steak was medium well/ well he then “inspected” the steak(s) in front of us, as if we were lying. That REALLY PISSED ME OFF. He then did take the steaks and recooked us new ones, however we had 2 or 3 sides which he left. Either take our sides to reheat and reserve with our steaks -or- replenish our sides since we ate them while waiting for you to re-cook our steaks.

That experience just pissed me off enough that I’m done. Unless I’m someones guest (which rarely happens) then I’m not going to spend another dime in that place. I will still go to Raritan if in the area, but not Red Bank, they are dead to me. lol

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Wow, crappy service and New York prices !

I’ve only been to Char once, and my experience was similar to yours. The steak was overcooked and the sides and service were indifferent.

I also found it to be noisy, and the other patrons obnoxious.

But they do have a liquor license…

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I’m pretty sure that is the small print under the “Welcome to Red Bank NJ” sign on 35 south.

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Yes, I think you are on to something there…

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Tri-Tip from Monmouth Meats. Made the mistake of stepping away for a few minutes and the grill flared up. Stil a delicious piece of meat.

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Yes, that seems to happening a lot lately with Monmouth Meats… ask @NotJrvedivici.

Hard to beat a good tri tip. I love the Santa Maria style bbq . So good.


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Conflagration indeed !!!

325,000 peak btu’s gettiner done!!!


lol…yes I saw that, Hilarious

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Loved the video…


love your torch

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Hahahaha bravo !!

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I could actually use that to torch up some of the Cuban romeo and juilets I brought back from Aruba. Not the same this year with the embargo no longer in enforced. Back in the day I use to sneak my cases of Cubans back in my mothers suit case, figured they really had to be hard core customs agents to lock up a 70+ year old woman. (let alone retired police officer)

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Compliments of Blu Grotto in Oceanport, have I told you I really like this place?

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Me too, loving the pics.

Could be time to get grotty…

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Sirloin pan fried in butter with portobellas & onions:


@VikingKaj @NotJrvedivici @joonjoon and the rest of you meatheads: Just saw on Instagram that The Grand Tavern has a 42oz 30-day dry-aged tomahawk…

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pretty sure she’s talking to you @corvette_johnny

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Yum !!! :heart_eyes: