The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

So I talked to a guy at work today and he knows I’m a serious carnivore. He asked me if I had been to flames and I told him yes. He proceeded to tell me he had a really nice dinner and got completely stuffed there. I’m glad to see he enjoyed it. I hope this places does well and spreads the “rodizio revolution” lol. (That’s a joke, but it would be awesome to see more Brasilian in central nj)

I’m glad to hear you loved that steak. If my math is correct, 125 for a 42oz ribeye is pretty steep? If it is that good, then I might have to try it. Am I referring to the right steak wizard?

Steep? Yeah. Unique to the area? Also, as far as I know, yeah. It was a celebration diner and others had a very positive opinion of the offering. It was more an experience than just a meal. And when we have something large to celebrate again, I won’t hesitate. I am also looking forward to trying some of their more conventional and reasonable dishes.

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Sounds great. I am looking forward to trying it.

So has anyone been getting any good skirt steaks lately?

As has been said, timing is everything. The Grand Tavern ‘dropped’ their new menu. The tomahawk is gone and everything else I wanted to try is also gone. That may be it until after the summer for me. Maybe a fly-by for a burger.

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And here we go compliments of the Pour House in Tinton Falls. 24oz Kansas City Sirloin, topped with their garlic butter. As I’ve said not a bad hunk of beef if your in the mood.


Did you ask for the garlic butter? Just wondering as I’ve gotten grilled steaks there in the past and found them to be bland and under seasoned. Almost seemed like they forgot to put any salt on them. I have enjoyed their roasted prime rib special.

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Wow that is weird. I heard good things about the tomahawk there. Oh well, I guess it is Mar Belo next for me.

Jr, that looks good. No bone I assume?



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You are 100% spot on, normally they don’t pre-season their steaks at all. Depending on how busy it is I will ask the grill man to salt and pepper mine before it goes on the grill. I did have to request the garlic butter which is something the have only recently started to offer, but you do have to request it. Prior to them having this I would ask them to give me a ladle of the clarified butter they serve with the roasted clams. They really do their steaks a disservice if you don’t request how to spruce it up.

Correct no bone all meat!!

Has anyone had the 19.99 prime rib special at sitting duck? I think wed and Sunday. I seem to recall getting it a few years ago.

love this thread


I’ve had it at the Pour House and it was good. Just get there early they have ran out the last couple times I tried at Pour House, admittedly it was probably 9pm when I stopped in.

Good to know. I do like the Pour House. It’s a default place when we just want consistent food.

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Dreaming of grilling weather, and a reminder to keep an eye out for the Easter sales. This was least year


Wow nice shot! Has anyone noticed any price decreases at whole foods since amazon took it over?

Served Luger style with home fries, sauteed arugula, and a tomato salad.


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