Thanksgiving 2020 - the Leftovers thread

Share your leftovers ideas, successes and failures here. Enquiring minds want to know!


Leftover stuffing crisped up in the oven with a fried duck egg made an easy and very tasty breakfast.

I am also planning shepherds pie using leftover turkey, gravy and vegetables with freshly made mashed potatoes (since I didn’t make any on the day) and of course some peas added to the filling, turkey wild rice chowder to use up stock as well as turkey, and turkey croquettes — does anyone have a go-to recipe for those?


If there’s lots of leftover meat I would shred it and make tacos, soup and stir-fries.

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One more turkey dinner for us then a turkey pie with puff pastry. House favorite!

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Turkey tetrazzini is my go to - I first discovered it in my well worn blue Craig Claiborne NYT cookbook but I love this recipe for it . I do put slivered almonds on the top.


Tried to make Korean kalguksu (knife-cut noodle soup) with shredded turkey (instead of “dak” = chicken). It was a mini-disaster since the cheap-o fresh noodles I bought from HMart fell apart in the broth (which was my leftover SK cabbage farro soup). It basically became “jook” which is the Korean equivalent of congee. Tasted fine with some tamari and sesame oil but it looked terrible, especially since it was supposed to be a noodle soup. I topped it with panko-crusted pollock that a friend gifted to me and I picked up yesterday at LexFarm (a local to me Greater Boston farm).

Mom and dad quietly ate it, said it was good. So did my hubby B. And I thank them for that gesture.

ETA: we also mourned the loss of 4 Maine fishermen off Provincetown when we ate the fish. It’s a profession from hell. A labor of love / family / obligation. And we thank them for going out, day after day, risking their lives for our culinary enjoyment.


I made turkey shepherds pie tonight, using leftover turkey, veggies and gravy, along with a crunchy acidic salad of celery, watermelon radish, purple daikon, endive and very lemony vinaigrette. Great combo.


Like @digga and many others, I mourn the loss of those fishermen and am very grateful that there are still folks willing to go out to sea.


Too late to edit my own post…Not “a profession from hell,” but rather, a profession that is as dangerous as hell.


The aftermath. What a great day yesterday. Tostada shell fried . Guryere cheese melted , mussels , prosciutto. Topped with garlic chips . Pimentom ,Cheers . :wine_glass:


I will do a few things. But first was converting 4 huge carcasses into 4 gallons of stock. Time to start reducing or I won’t have any freezer space. And the largest pile of bones I’ve had in a long long time.


An atypical use for leftover turkey. Mixed cubes of turkey with sauteed broccoli, carrots, and onions with udon noodles in a peanut sauce (my Dad’s satay sauce recipe).


Stock and shepherds pie tonight with some of the leftovers!


Every year on the weekend, when we still have houseguests but no one wants to warm up leftovers again, I made a turkey stock with the bones, then use it and some leftover chopped turkey to do a turkey rice soup - carrots, celery onions. Some thyme from the garden. Occasionally a dollop of leftover gravy to thicken. Fan favorite, and very warming.


No pics but last night’s Thanksgiving chicken and dumplings was a tremendous hit. Stock from the carcass, kiss of heavy cream, cubed breast and thigh meat, super tender dumplings (self-rising flour, grated frozen butter, chives, water) were best I’ve made.


Sausage stuffing frittata:


End of a very nice long weekend…Turkey Pot Pie for dinner.


Turkey enchiladas last night. Inadvertently made the enchilada sauce uber spicy so couldn’t really taste the turkey which was kind of ok, getting pretty tired of it.