Takeout and Delivery in [Toronto]

It’s a photo dump. :rofl:
Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Benny from Sisters and Co on Dundas West.




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Welcome, @PedroPero

We have sadly just discovered that an inviting sounding name that wasn’t open when we walked by a few years ago has closed shop – Schnitzel Queen.

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Too bad! I never made it there, either.

On the east side, I still haven’t tried Hastings Snack Bar in Leslieville.


I’m currently pescatarian, and haven’t had meat for a while. The Heavenly Perogy , located under the Ukrainian cathedral at 400 Bathurst near Dundas, has pork and chicken schnitzel to go. I haven’t tried it.

I did order the vegetarian family box. I liked the perogies, borscht and red cabbage salad. I haven’t tried the spinach lentil soup yet.
The Cathedral

The Large Family Box $153.99

The $99 Vegetarian Box

Family boxes

The schnitzel

I would skip the vegetarian cabbage rolls (which contain rice, quinoa, corn, peas), if I was ordering dishes à la carte.

Here’s the site


If you head west, I’ve always liked the schnitzel at Café Polonez and Chopin on Roncy!


We just tried Papyrus, an Egyptian place on the Danforth that’s been there for several years at least. Everything was delicious and we will definitely do a repeat visit:

  • Ful - a different version than what we have had, but nonetheless tasty: fava beans seasoned with lemon, lime, tahini, and mixed with tomato
  • Tameya - crispy falafel-ish patties covered in sesame seeds
  • Balsamic Tehina - went well with the tameya
  • Salata Baladi - a simple and refreshing salad of tomato, cucumber, onion, with a lemon vinaigrette
  • Lentil Hummus - accompanied by some very good pita-ish bread
  • Koshari - rice, lentils, macaroni pasta, chick peas, mixed with a cumin-y tomato sauce, with caramelized onions as garnish, and a lemon garlic sauce to pour over - a great one-dish meal
  • Cairo Hawawshi - nicely spiced ground beef patty inside a pita-like bread, with tehina and a hot sauce - sort of an Egyptian burger, a bit salty but otherwise great
  • Toronto Hawawshi - same idea, except with ground chicken, goat cheese, and lots of different spices - also a little bit salty and otherwise tasty
  • Ukraine Relief Konafa Dessert - very good version, with alarmingly blue and yellow custard-y cream on top
  • Saffron rosewater ice cream - not overpowering on the roses so that the saffron still comes through - one of the better ice cream flavours we have had in a long time

Took out from Mandi Afandi, the location in Thorncliffe Park. This place focuses on food “from across the Arabian Peninsula”. The meats are cooked in a steam oven, leaving them very tender and moist. The rice is also steamed in the same oven, catching the drippings from the meat. Overall it was delcious, with familiar and yet different flavour combinations:

  • Vegetable Tabeekh: stew of potatoes, carrots, and French beans, simmered in a tomato broth - redolent of cloves and other spices
  • Bamyeh: okra stew cooked with tomato, garlic, and onions - tangy and straightforward, with lots of garlic
  • Mandi Chicken Plate: half a chicken, marinated with various spices and then steam roasted, served with rice scented with curry leaf, onion, cinnamon, and cloves - even the breast was very moist and tender
  • Mathlootha: lamb on the bone, over a layer of rice, bread bits, and a cream of wheat-like mixture, plus carmelized onions - fall-off-the-bone meat with lots of flavour, hints of lemon and unidentified spices
  • The above all came with a naan-like flatbread, yoghurt sauces, a salsa-like sauce, and yellow lentil soups.
  • Masoob: banana and bread pudding topped with cream, raisins, and nuts - very tasty and not too sweet

Sounds very interesting!

Enjoy reading your resto critiques! Shall try this place after costco run

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Tried Le Plato, a West African (apparently Côte d’Ivoire) place on the Danforth, near Jones. It is an unprepossessing space in a basement. We have had very little experience with West African restaurants, with only Suya Spot (Nigerian) for recent comparison. Overall pretty good, especially the meats which were well flavoured and not oversalted:

  • Goat on the bone, seemingly roasted, great flavour, not fall-apart but reasonably tender; served with OK jollof rice (not as interesting or complex as the smoky jollof rice at Suya Spot).

  • Grilled chicken (seemed more roasted or baked), cooked slow so the fat is rendered, quite tasty, served with a side of cassava couscous which was good to soak of the flavour of some of the sides.
  • Pondu/Cassava Leaf - the only green vegetable and the moistest thing on the menu - good but not especially flavourful
  • Pain de Manioc/Chikwanga - cassava rolled up in a leaf tied with string - surprisingly lemony flavoured, chewy
  • Fried plaintain - not the sweet kind but the starchy dry kind
  • A very hot paste of green chili peppers
  • A tomato-y sauce that went well with the meats

TorontoJo, FoodPr0n, Fickle and Pinstripeprincess recently tried a few African restaurants in the GTA, covered here

I’m not too familiar with Nigerian dishes. I tried a few dishes at a Maty’s African Cuisine in Detroit, when I visited Detroit in 2018.


That’s quite the spread! Looks like we have more places to add to our dangerously long to-try list.

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IMO, best food for take-out due to their quality’s relative insensitivity to travel are Sushi and Sashimi.
Up north in the burbs, a couple of my favourite go-to places are ’ Flying Fish ’ on Hwy#7 and Chalmers and Cho-San on Woodbine just south of Hwy #7.


I need to find a good takeout sushi place south of Dupont, and preferably north of Dundas. I went to Kibo Secret Garden in Yorkville last spring, which was okay.

I might check to see if Omai on Baldwin is doing takeout sushi. I haven’t been since 2019.

Haven’t tried getting take-out sushi lately.

Check with Miyako on chow-toronto. She knows a few really good places around there.

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I live in Durham Region (Whitby) where most of the food is a watered down mess. I miss living in Scarborough. I used to order from a Chinese takeout (not your gourmet food, but your comfort Chinese takeout) from a place called Bamboo Garden on VP. It closed years ago. There is nothing close that I have found in Durham, and I am willing to pick up in Scarberia! The best thing on their menu was the Cantonese Chow Mein…They offered it with crispy noodle…which wasn’t the dried noodles with sauce on top, but the wet noodles wok fried to crisp them up. Their chicken balls were great too! This was 18-20 years ago mind you…
So, anything like this exist?

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I think we should invite Miyako to HungryOnion. There’s very little discussion taking place on Chow TO.

I’ll get takeout from Omai soon, to see what it’s like.

I’ll start a dedicated South of Dupont Japanese Food-to-go thread once I order some!

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The Omai guys recently opened Oroshi Fish Co, more of a takeout sushi place.

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Sorry, I can’t recommend specific Canadian-Chinese places that far east. Let us know if you find anything worthwhile. The style of chow mein you mention is certainly still made at places.

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Good to know, thanks!