Take-out in [Toronto], May 20, 2023 and onwards

The last take-out thread is now 175 replies long, and some of the places mentioned no longer offer take-out.

Old thread:

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Patty from June Plum. These are delicious. Very different than a typical patty. They cost around $9 a piece. https://www.juneplumtoronto.com/the-patty

Take-out bento from Tsuchi on College.


The “like” is for that patty. Is it as delicious as it is beautiful?

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It was delicious- but it’s very different than a typical patty. Much flakier, buttery pastry, and the filling included chunks of braised meat. It mentioned a gravy in the description, but it wasn’t soupy. It didn’t have that texture some fillings have. The texture of the meat filling was closer to what goes into a Cornish pasty, Tourtière or steak pie.

The spicing was slightly different, maybe some 5 spice added. It is a very nice pastry. Some traditionalists might not like it. I like it a lot.

I waited 10 minutes for this one to come out of the oven.

I tried the brisket in oxtail gravy patty.

There’s also a goat patty.




Double post, my bad!

Tried takeout from Alma last night. Everything was good, but it is pricey and portions are a little small.
$14 Parmesan tapioca fritters $17 asparagus and $30 shrimp fried rice.

Very nice staff and delicious food.
I will be back. They have a few 2 top tables set up on the sidewalk. The tables inside were full.

Tonight I had the Maqluba and Masakhan pizza Square from Levant. Just under $15 before tip for 2 squares. I like the chicken Masakhan a little more than the Maqluba. https://www.levant.pizza/


My $10 before tax and tip take-out sausage and egg muffin from Emmer on Harbord.

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Taishan Seafood (scallop, shrimp and squid) on cauliflower ($21.95) and pan-fried veggie dumplings ($11.95 for 8) from Chop Chop. I hadn’t been here for 4 years. Pretty good. Ready in 15 minutes. These 2 dishes came to a little over $39 including tax.

They have a covered side patio.


Was at J-Town today doing some grocery shopping and picked up a variety of things for lunch:

From Niwatei (being sold in Heisei grocery store):

Pork gyoza, flavoured with ginger and green onion - simple, pleasant, and nice crisp on the bottom edge.

Omu yakisoba (omelet stuffed with a huge amount of noodles, chicken, cabbage, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce and kewpie mayo) - light and thin omelet filled with a yummy chow mein.

Onigiri: one with pickled vegetables (I think mustard greens) and the other with umeshisho (Japanese pickled plum) - a lovely comfort food.

From Bakery Nakamura:

Japanese hamburger bun (bread dough, with a hamburger patty, egg, cheese, cabbage, and sesame, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce) - shouldn’t really work, but does.

Yuzu panna cotta (no picture) - light and delicate panna cotta covered with a tangy and fragrant yuzu sauce.


I need to visit J Town. I’ve never been.

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I hope you find an excuse to get up there sometime. If you need to stock up on Japanese ingredients and products, you can do that at Heisei and then load up on all the delicious ready-to-eat options: Sasaki (daifuku mochi), Bakery Nakamura (bread, pastries), Famu (beef, pork, and chicken dishes), By the Sea (sashimi and cooked seafood items), and Niwatei (bento meals sold at Heisei).

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Thanks for all the recs!

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Wait, what?

How is that possible.


I rarely travel north of St Clair or east of Yonge these days.

I don’t think I’ve been to Richmond Hill or Markham to eat since 2018.

I don’t think I’ve been to Pacific Mall since 2008.

I was driving up to Markham and Richmond Hill for dim sum and other Chinese food relatively frequently until 2015. Charles Yu organized quite a few amazing meals for Chowmeets before 2020.

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Tanuki is great for Omurice (with salted duck egg)

Sasaki may have my favorite mochi east of the Rockies in North America. Half a dozen black sesame mochi and a handful of dorayaki and I’m a happy boy.

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Thanks! I love Omurice (at least the Japanese version) and my place on Bloor closed a couple years ago!

The Korean places selling Omurice in Koreatown seem to drizzle theirs in ketchup, and I don’t like the idea of that.

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Forgot to mention Tanuki. Have you tried their pig knuckle? I’m curious about it but haven’t tried it.

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Hmm, don’t think I have.

More reason to make another trip to Toronto, I guess.


OMG Phoenika, next you’re gonna to say you’ve never been to the top of the CN Tower. Start with Izakaya Ju and then wander the shops. Otherwise you might need a pick up truck to bring home all the great food and all the objects to put food in/on you’ll find in J-Town.


Dr J, closer to home Nakamori is serving casual lunches and snacks in the lobby of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Limited selection, but as always, what they do they do well.


LOL, no. I’m going to warn everyone not to eat at the top of the CN Tower, even if their uncle from Colorado insists it’s an excellent restaurant because someone at his bridge tournament recommended it.

In the summer of 2018, I gave in, because, you know, respect to my uncle. They had Fogo Island seafood! (Prepared badly) 2 out of the 4 people at our table became ill after the meal. I was one of the 2 that became ill. I think someone else had the duck.

The other restaurants we tried in Toronto while he was visiting were good to great. Bar Centrale, Megas.

The meal at 360 was easily the worst expensive meal I’ve had in TO in this century.

I had 2 teenage cousins visit from Saskatchewan the following week, and went up the CN Tower again, and the little one really really wanted to eat at the top. I said, nope. We had some tacos at La Carnita on John, before La Carnita was being a jerk in Leslieville.

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