Tacos Where You Live

I’ve seen it called Cuban sandwich and Cubano sandwich in Toronto. A popular place called La Cubana in Toronto, with 3 locations and a bar, calls its rather posh $17 sandwich a Cubano, but the restaurant also uses the Spanish name for all its dishes.

That said- Toronto’s La Cubana seems more faux 1950s vintage Cuba Cuban than Floridean Cuban in its atmosphere and vibe, so calling the sandwich a Cubano might be part of the marketing.

Does anyone make Cuban tacos? Roast pork, ham (or in Tampa, salami) and swiss/gruyere tacos sound like a good idea!

It’s not a common sandwich in Toronto. Out of the 5 or 6 restaurants in Toronto that keep a Cuban/ Cubano option on the menu, it looks like half the restaurants call it a Cuban, half call it a Cubano.

Interestingly, being from Canada, so far away from Florida, I’ve only been familiar with Cuban sandwiches made with roast pork, ham and cheese. I’ve never seen one made with roast pork, ham and salami up here. The salami seems to be required for a proper Tampa Cuban https://www.seriouseats.com/cuban-sandwich-history.

Now are either of you familiar with a Saskatchewanian Cuban Lunch? :slight_smile:

Most of the places I listed are very humble. Palacio doe los jugos does not have an indoors. My point is , listing it as a Cubano on a menu is no red flag - it’s the normal way the sandwich is referred to in Miami.

Somehow I have managed to go through life completely ignorant of the Saskatchewan cuban lunch… I very much would like you to fill in that gap.

There is a peanut and chocolate candy bar called Cuban Lunch, originally made in Manitoba.

This is the home-made equivalent from a SK cookbook. Some variations include fried chow mein noodles or crushed potato chips, along with the peanuts.

I am seriously tempted to make this, though I am personally more of a one-to-one kind of guy when it comes to the sugar-cocoa ratio.

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Since we’re in the neighborhood :relaxed:


Here’s a version using chocolate chips. https://joandsue.blogspot.com/2012/12/cuban-lunch-candies.html?m=1

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Dude, I’m not saying you haven’t seen what you’ve seen.

But I’ve seen what I’ve seen.

Different times and places can mean different experiences.

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Jarritos mandarin is like a creamsicle. Damn fine pop!

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It’s good pop. I don’t get the Mandarin since I dislike orange pop and Creamsicles, but I like the cola, fruit punch and a couple other flavours

The grapefruit takes me back to my kiddiehood.

Do you do tamarind? Tamarind soda knocked me off kilter when I first saw it.

I agree, hence calling it a cubano on a menu is in no way a red flag since it is the completely accepted name in Miami.

I like tamarind in candy and pad thai. I’m not sure I want a bottle of tamarind pop. I’ve had Mexican tamarind drink, as well as jamaica /hibiscus drink.

It’s sticky sweet but delicious. Tamarind snow cones are my favorite


I’ve never had one but thought these (paletas?) were so pretty!


I like tamarind in Pina Colada (with or without the rum, but obviously rum preferred :blush:)


That is what my inlaws call “sorrel”! So interesting, how that plant gets around.

Oh wait…tacos!

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