Sweet treats for scalloped mini muffin liners

They look like this;

Pretty tiny! They hold maybe a tablespoon.

I bought them for the colors, and wanted to use them for a meeting next week.
I don’t do much baking, but I’ve made “bark” and dipped pretzels for Christmas before, so I was thinking of something like this;

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cups Recipe


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

Or this

Peppermint bark bites


Toffee Bites

I have not made my own caramel, but melt the candies. I struggle a bit with the texture of the caramel, and tempering the chocolate, so any advice would be welcome. I think a drop of water helps, but I’ve seen recipes that melt caramel candy with a bit of oi or creaml. I’ve tried tempering chocolate in a sous vide bag, but that seems to waste a lot of chocolate when I dip pretzels rods. Maybe I could squeeze into the muffin liners from a corner of the bag!

I’ve never made candy, but make ganache for frosting, and wondered if I should try a truffle.

Or maybe bourbon balls.

Anybody have any hints or suggestions?

Like do I need to spray the liners?

Do I need a mini muffin tins to put the liners in until whatever sets up?

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How to use cupcake and muffin papers

How about the dreaded Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

Lots of filled cookie bites…maybe the pecan pie mini muffin

Maybe I shouldn’t rule out some savory ideas!

Like these Brie Cherry Pastry Cups. I could use my pepper jelly.

Bacon Sausage Quiche Tart
Smoked Gouda and Ham Appetizer Tarts

I would definitely go with truffles of some type. Ridiculously easy, but a little bit messy. You could roll them in cocoa, and/or colored or plain fine sugar sprinkles. They actually go pretty fast. I also have a recipe for a coconut almond type truffle that gets dipped in chocolate. A little more work, but a big hit with my former coworkers. I’ll happily provide the recipe if you’d like.

With truffles, you wouldn’t need to spray the liners.

Just remembered a wonderful appetizer one of my southern friends made for us - in phyllo pastry cups, chunks of Brie, topped with pepper jelly and a whole toasted pecan half, with a little salt sprinkled on top and baked until Brie is a little melty. Delicious! Your proposed Brie cherry bites may look more festive this time of year though…

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Yes, please! What is the ideal size? This sounds like a great excuse to buy one of those tiny ice cream scoopers!

Probably about a tablespoon or a generous sized tablespoon. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow a.m. if that works for you?

I like that too. I’m not big on sweets but that sounds like a good balance! But I’m thinking it should probably be served hot, or at least warm. That part is not going to work.


“If that works for you”
Of course!
Martha Stewart PB cups,
Sally’s Baking Addiction. That seems like a lot of ingredients for truffles, but maybe less expensive to make.
Crushed pistachios might be nice if the color works with the wrappers.
Vegan white chocolate :thinking:

Yes, I think pistachios would work, or also macadamia nuts, though not as festive looking. Still, they would be on the inside, enrobed with the chocolate.

Will post tomorrow ASAP.

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Gorgeous - the MS p-butter cups look really good. And YES, a perfect excuse to buy a small spring loaded scooper. Really speeds up the process & worth every penny. I have them in multiple sizes, the biggest is perfect for muffins or cupcakes.

Here is the recipe @shrinkrap. It’s from BH & G Test Kitchen Favorites. Really really good & pretty easy.

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Thank you! Do you know how long they do okay at “room temperature”?

Well if it’s not very hot, they do well. I boxed my batch up in multiple small boxes and gifted them to coworkers. They did just fine and weren’t the least melty. Let me know what you decide to do. BTW, one of my coworker’s friend tasted one and offered to pay me to make a batch for her. I didn’t have time to do so back then! Think I’ll make a batch of these for Christmas this year.

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They look like mini cupcake liners - really anything could go into them, I bake with them all the time.

Just avoid very greasy things, which will seep into the paper and spoil the look.

The amazon reviews might have some ideas for you.

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To answer your question better, I think a day or two at room temp would be fine, but to preserve freshness, I would store in the fridge or freezer. I know the candy shops usually freeze their truffles.

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Okay. I will make the day before, and keep them in one of my children’s abandoned (:neutral_face:) rooms overnight.

That’s too bad You could have used up some of that hot pepper jelly. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like a good plan. I have two of those rooms as well…

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I forgot about those. Hmmmmm.:thinking:

I think I’m making those for me on New Year’s Eve. I won’t need the liners. :relaxed:

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