Sweet treats for scalloped mini muffin liners

They look like mini cupcake liners - really anything could go into them, I bake with them all the time.

Just avoid very greasy things, which will seep into the paper and spoil the look.

The amazon reviews might have some ideas for you.

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To answer your question better, I think a day or two at room temp would be fine, but to preserve freshness, I would store in the fridge or freezer. I know the candy shops usually freeze their truffles.

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Okay. I will make the day before, and keep them in one of my children’s abandoned (:neutral_face:) rooms overnight.

That’s too bad You could have used up some of that hot pepper jelly. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like a good plan. I have two of those rooms as well…

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I forgot about those. Hmmmmm.:thinking:

I think I’m making those for me on New Year’s Eve. I won’t need the liners. :smiling_face:

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Here is the test batch of pretzel bites. Just a test batch, and I would like to “temper” the chocolate, but I like the crunchy and salty and am leaning this way. So far I couldn’t get coconut cream for the truffles. I assume this is the can with the sugar for cocktails and not the “cream of coconut” brick I use for “peas and rice”. I know husband would prefer the truffles.

I guess this is “creamed coconut”

Creamed coconut.

Yes, the canned coconut cream, as you would use in tropical drinks. It can usually be found with the mixers (tonic water, Bloody Mary mix, etc) Coco Lopez is what I used.

The pretzel looks delicious, BTW.

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Thank you! It scratched my usual dipped pretzel itch, but has the potential to appeal to a different crowd.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought canned coconut cream, but I’m used to seeing it, and my go-to Lucky’s grocery store said they stopped carrying it! What’s up with that? SOMEONE must be buying it!

Cream of Coconut vs. Coconut milk or cream

I would love to figure out if I can use the unsweetened versions that I have.

Cream of coconut recipe

I love this idea as long as alcohol is not an issue with anyone in the office.

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Husband says the pretzel bites are going to pull out dentures. I WOULD be going for a less chewy caramel (lower final temp?) for the final product, and I LOVED the crunch and salt, but I’m about to try some truffles.

I’m using a mix of milk (about 1/3) and semi-sweet chocolates ( mostly 72 percent) from three or four sources, so I’m asking for trouble, and I want to triple a recipe that calls for 8 ounces of chocolate. I don’t have coconut cream nor liquor, and am trying. Sally’s Baking Addiction proportions. She says don’t double; make separate batches, so I will.

Any words of caution?

BTW, I am under no obligation to make this work; if it doesn’t, husband will be happy to make it to away.

If you use your unsweetened coconut milk or cream, you’ll need to compensate for the sugar in some way; my only other words of caution would be to take care melting the chocolate, and to chill the mixture well before rolling into truffles. If the mixture gets too cold, however, you will need to let it sit out a bit at room temperature before proceeding. Grease up your hands so the chocolate doesn’t stick as bad. Put on waxed or parchment paper. Have fun!!

Thank you!
I made three batches with 8 oz chocolate, 2/3 cup heavy cream, 1Tb butter, and 1 tsp vanilla. Plan is to let it cool at room temp before scooping balls (with my new scoop!),

but I may spread in a pan and cool in fridge if it takes too long.

Serious Eats notes

“The classic formula is to use two parts chocolate to one part cream. Eight ounces of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate and ½ cup of cream will make about two-dozen truffles”

" Whisk the mixture vigorously until it’s thick and smooth, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl and incorporating all the cream and chocolate. If you have one, an immersion blender helps make sure the emulsion is stable.
“Chocolate with a cacao content of about 60% works best with this formula, though you try out other kinds of chocolate and tweak the proportions slightly. For chocolate with 70% cacao, I’ve had to increase the cream by about a tablespoon or two. I decreased the cream when using milk or white chocolate”

If the ganache shows signs of breaking at this point (if it looks curdled or oily), you can add a few drops of cream to help re-emulsify it. A well-emulsified ganache should look like chocolate pudding: thick, smooth, and glossy. Leave it in a cool spot to firm up for at least four hours, ideally overnight."

Looks good @shrinkrap! You’ll love your new scoops - they’re great for all sorts of things!


Covered in pretzels, pecans, confectioners sugar, pink and green sprinkles, and cocoa powder.


Those turned out so nicely!

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Thank you! It was well received, but I need more savory, and more crunch or different textures.

Salted, chopped pistachios would be a fantastic topping

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Very nice homemade assortment. I enjoy those small bites especially with nut toppings.

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They look beautiful and tasty @shrinkrap!

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