Hey, why don’t we do a little survey? First, it is for fun. Second, it will serve as a way to introduce ourselves to each others.
I think a good number of people are/were from CHOWHOUND. So why don’t we start with that?

  1. Are/were you from CHOWHOUND?
    Yes, or No? (feel free to elaborate)

  2. At this moment, are you spending more time here than on CHOWHOUND?
    Yes, No, Non-applicable (feel free to elaborate)

  3. What is the single most interesting board/topic to you?
    a) Regional (e.g. San Francisco, New York…etc)
    b) General
    c) Home Cook
    d) Cookware
    e) Others


  1. yes, 2) yes, 3) home cooking

I will participate myself

  1. Yes. I was an active CHOWHOUND participant. I wasn’t kicked out of anything. I just thought I should really look for a better place
  2. Yes. I spend more time here. I am hoping with our tiny efforts, we can help build an alternative future. This site or another.
  3. Cookware the most, second by Home Cook.
  1. yes, 2)equal right now, 3)home cooking/gardening

Chowhiound by way of gardenweb- kitchens and appliances, Spent election times on political forums. Read egullet for years but never joined. Joined Chowhound, mainly Cookware, but read regional S.F. boards occasionally. For 6 months I was recovering from a surgery so I spent a lot of time on CH Cookware and buying copper pans- more out of curiosity and to have packages arrive from France!. I think my 3td post was removed with a warning.Concerning toaster ovens of all things. After that they would just disappear without a word from the moderator-. I didn’t really care, but felt that sometimes- you need some heat to get some light on the matter.

Kaleo started a topic about Teflon with a link to a great article. I wrote that those corporate thugs should be treated like any other criminal and taxed to oblivion. The entire thread was pulled and I felt bad because important information as well as attitudes and how people felt just disappeared. I read the feedback about the new format but did not participate. The community was falling apart. For me it wasn’t how inane it was, but that it also lacked personality. I still post.

  1. I’m working more now and riding my bike again, so my time is split- I’m curious how this will turn out, how intelligent it may be. Or how loopy.

  2. My taste is changing, So I don’t know yet.

Yes, yes, a)

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  1. yes
    2 ) No . I completely deleted them today . I was banned for trolling . I would look in everyday in site talk to see the site blowing up . If I can’t post what’s the point . I’m so over that bitch Marssy and all those other fucks .
    3 ) General topics , NAF , some home cooking .
    4 )I’m really enjoying the freedom @ food talk central . This is cool to . I’m putting this site in my favorites .
    Over and out .

It sounds like you are spending more time here than on CHOWHOUND. So I will put you as “yes”. Let me know if I have mistaken you.

Also what is going on? I guess I am one of the few people who left without knowing the political storm. I don’t even know Marssy. What is this person’s role? Many thanks.

Preliminary Result.

Sorry wrong answer for # 2 is yes . I’m banned from fucking chowhound . It’s my first post here and there is a big yellow sign covering the post asking me about all the agreement shit . Chem , I always enjoyed reading your cookware threads . I always wondered . Where did you get all of your knowledge on cookware ?

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Great idea— Thanks for starting this thread!

  1. yes
  2. yes (I’m continuing to contribute to CH as long as there’s a community of interesting folks there. But there’s more action here for SFBA at the moment and I’m tiring of the spinning wheels in CH site talk. I hope Chowhound will heal. Basic site functioning is now close to normal. There’s so much knowledge on there that I don’t want to abandon
  3. a (SF board mostly, but I post to others when traveling)
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Yes, yes, a

I’m just to frustrated with the new CH format!!!

  1. Yes. CH has been the primary food site I participate on.
  2. Spending more time on HO. Quite glad I saw a CH thread which linked to the East Bay article which mentioned HO.
    I’m still checking in on CH since I’m acting as a sub coordinator for the October home cooking DOTM voting.

I got my hand slapped but no after school detention. Life’s short. It’s too infuriating witnessing tptb’s attitude towards the participants who care enough to attempt communication about the train wreck. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a CH silence day? One full day with no one posting as a show of solidarity! Wonder if vipgeorges would even get it.

  1. Home Cooking, SE Regional Board
  1. Yes. I joined CH in 2001, and it was the only food forum I belonged to until about a month and a half ago. It was clear from the CH beta feedback threads how things were going to go there, so I joined eGullet. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hungry Onion does and wish this site much success.

  2. Yes. I’m spending more time here and am only reading the Site Feedback board at CH.

  3. Home Cooking. Cuisines of various countries and regions interest me, and I dabble in several of them. Have a decent cookbook collection.

  1. Yes 2) Yes, lots more here! But I am also hard at work drumming up interest. 3) SF board. Though I must say it became quieter already even before the redesign.

(1) Yes.

(2) No, I still spend more time on Chowhound because there’s more New York City content.

(3) New York City (Manhattan and Outer Boroughs on Chowhound).

  1. Yes, although I never posted. I’ve been reading Chowhound off and on for about 8 years. For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been checking Chowhound at least once a day. It might sound creepy but after reading certain people post for such a long time you feel like you get to know them a little. You come to trust their opinions. With these people living in droves, chowhound has lost most of its magic.
  2. Yes I’m spending more time here than chowhound. I’m still lurking the occasional site talk board and I might look up some old thread for reference, but that it’s. Mostly I’m done. If the higher ups don’t have any respect for the people who gave them all their content then I don’t really have any use for the site.
  3. I guess home cooking and general topics. I’ve spent a little time on my local board (I’m from Baltimore) but most of the info is about DC.
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Thanks all. I will do my update with longer interval from now on. For people who have indicated multiple choices for questions 3, I have split your votes into multiple categories if I think you meant you are interested in multiple categories equally, and have only selected one if I think you meant one is the dominant. Please let me know if I made a mistake, and I will update in the next iteration.

coll, meatn3, and wafflehouse, I have split your votes – let me know if you want to change that.

  1. yes
  2. Hope to spend more time here as content increases (I know, it’s up to us) but for now still browsing Chowhound, especially the site talk posts about the trainwreck it has become and holding out hope for the demise of the redesign. Not posting anymore there though.
  3. Home cooking, with cookware and general topics runners up.
  1. I am/was ennuisans on CH.

  2. Other than to check in on previous threads I haven’t used CH since the new site went live.

  3. Mostly I hung around the Food News/Media thread and lurked a few others.