Tip #7- Mentioning Chowhound

SO chowhoud IF chowhound I chowhound WERE chowhound TO chowhound REPLY chowhound TO chowhound EVERYONE chowhound LIKE chowhound THIS chowhound IT chowhound WOULD chowhound BE chowhound BETTER?

(how’s that for integration!!! chowhound)

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yeah, getting better, but I think it’s still a bit too obvious, discretion, every 5-10 words will be better!

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Not in my experience. Chowhound will lull for awhile, but then the butt-hurt Chowhound mods will do a big sweep at once. It’s hilarious really, and one of the many reasons Chowhound jumped the shark a long time ago.

I was going to do exactly what @NotJrvedivici did, but Chowhound since that’s Chowhound not the way it works, here you go. Chowhound. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant minds Curlz…

For example, this thread is on page 5 of Google search results of Chowhound. We’re almost there…!

It’s #48 if you’re logged out of Google

So head on over to Chowhound and post something like this:

“I am really Hungry for an Onion. Which store has the best onions?”

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You Sir are a genius!

When I was still on Chowhound I made a similar comment which was quickly taken down by the mods.

Yup. Pure laziness on my part as well. That’s why I use HO, not Hungry Onion.

Oh geeze, I thought Ho was just your personal pet name for me. Shucks.

@NotJrvedivici JR is going for the jugular.

We need to recruit Viking, LCDsoundsystem and metsfan…all red bank area guys.

Well CJ since I “recruited” you, I recommend you as the recruiter for them! Do it CJ Do it !!!

Did you try that tomahawk at Woody’s?

I’ll mention Chowhound one more time, this time though with a purpose. Anyone else notice the memorial thread to Veggo (God Bless my friend) was bumped up again. Not that there is anything wrong with that but look at the posting history of the two people who bumped it up. Explain that to me.

Anecdotally, I see more activity on my feed here than on CH. The most active thread on CH is the complaints thread

They have a complaints thread? I don 't see much happening over there. I see posts from several years ago being resurrected but there are no comments on anything for days.

Site Talk board has several complaint threads, many of which were locked and directed to a “Feeback” thread which is 99.99% complaints.

I used to refer to Chowhound for years. All of a sudden, I thought it 'went off the air." It was so different and seems like an experiment as it changes on-the-fly. I signed up there a few weeks ago but again….they are changing navigation.

They can keep it in experimental mode. I’ll try this place.


Incredible, ain’t it? I was quite used to being beaten around the head (figuratively, of course) if I dared take the name of Chowhound in vain.

BOY, am I glad there is a pointer to this place this morning - for however long it lasts.

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