Super Bowl Eats

Are your super bowl treats San Francisco and Kansas City centric, or just standard party :balloon: fare?
Dungeness crab and brisket along with
spring rolls and deep fried tacos.
Italian Steak sandwiches and Mission burritos.
How close am I?

We live north of the Golden Gate Bridge, so I guess we’re San Francisco centric by default. But we also are having regular old party stuff:

guacamole, salsa, chips
onion dip and Ruffles
vegan posole
pork posole
garlic bread

dessert is tbd.

Given that there are only three of us, with one (me) who’s totally not interested in football, that should be plenty!


This was pretty funny.

Texas style here.

We briefly considered crawfish because the local mega HEB has live ones but we’re sticking with the original game of chips and queso from a Tex-Mex place and carnitas from a scruffy carniceria with fresh flour tortillas. The Wifeacita will whip up some guacamole.

We’ll be going to the movies. Living in metro Detroit has sucked the luster off pretty much all Pro sports.

More bang for our buck watching make believe for two hours or so.


Definitely no traffic!

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DH requested “snacks” so I picked up a variety of chips, cheese curls, etc. I’m making pizza for the main event. DH doesn’t like either team so I didn’t feel the need to the.e the food to match!

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What’s a Super Bowl? JK. Any excuse to eat wings, but I don’t even know who is playing.


Wait…is San Francisco in it?

ETA I should at least know who wins for Monday…maybe stores will be empty!


Yes. My 2 favorite cities competing.
There’s no evil empire in this game.
Both teams are cool :sunglasses:
Last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl I was in HS.
We dropped acid to watch it.
And they won !
The power of love.
And Owlsley!


Simple stuff here.

Pre-dinner munchies:
Artichoke jalapeño dip with baguette slices ( dip from Costco)
Buffalo wings with ranch and blue cheese dips
Hummus and pita (veg DD’s request)

St. Louis style ribs
Potato salad
Cucumber and red onion salad


Stone crab claws here, thanks to a local bargain.


We’ve got no horse in this race, although we used to be 49er fans while living in Reno, Nevada. Now that we’re Seahawks fans, we feel compelled to support KC.

We’ll be having home fried chicken wings, along with home made American fries, and a crudités platter, with bleu cheese dip, and a few cheeses, salami and crackers, with apple slices too.

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I’m trying my hand at soft pretzels for the first time. One of the hosts of the SB party we’re attending is German so I hope I can past muster. I’ll post photos later.


We are on a Maui vacation, so poke, Portuguese sausage, guac, chips, salsa… GO NINERS!!!


One of our 1950’s era Sunbeam deep fryers bit the dust today as H was starting to do the frying. It was the one I got from my parents. So we got our other one out, from his parents, and the cooking is going on now - wings & fries.

It was a great game, wonderful halftime show, good ads, and all that goes with SB.

I do feel a little bad the Niners lost, Richard Sherman looked so sad. But it was also great Andy Reed got his first super bowl win.

Hope everyone ate well & enjoyed the game.



I must say, they turned out quite well! I combined a Food Network recipe (a resource I almost never use) and a King Arthur flour one once I saw the overly-complicated last couple of steps of the FN recipe.
I did a test run of 2 larger sized pretzels and used very coarse salt I bought in the Azores last year - B said they were a little too salty. The real batch were smaller and I did half with TJ’s everything spice and half with the coarse salt. Folks liked them!


They look gorgeous!

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Absolutely beautiful and impressive looking @digga! Such a great job you did!

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Pic of last night’s SB dinner - sooo good! I was even able to eat.


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