[Sunnyvale] Pista House- a chain from Hyderabad and its haleem

Last week I was trying to eat at Aachi AappaKadai but it was a zoo in there. So I crossed the street and headed for Amaravathi Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant across the street to get some dosa/ pesarattu. Alas Amaravathi closed already and in its place a new restaurant called Pista House opened. Pista House is a chain from India with about ten locations in Hyderabad and three in the Bay Area- Milpitas, San Ramon and here.


They didn’t have their signature item haleem, which is a stew with meat, lentils and pounded wheat. Later I saw that they seemed to feature their haleem quite a bit on the website. So I would like to try that another time.

I ended up getting their non-veg thali, and tried a bit of everything. Pardon my lack of precision with the naming. I was told the names of the individual items, but didn’t remember some of it.

Clockwise from bottom left. The green chicken breast was a bit dry, but seasoned well and was very delicious.

Chicken 65 was I thought one of the better rendition around. Still tender and moist versus some other version it was fried to a rather dry state.

Tilapia fish curry was a bit fishy.

Goat curry was ok.

Raita for the biryani.

Gravy for biryani with nuts. The gravy was a welcome addition to the biryani.

Chicken curry tasted tomato based and was pretty nice.


Goat biryani (the smaller mound)

The hyderabad chicken biryani.

The two biryanis tasted fairly similar. The rice was a little bit mushy but it was flavorful with a prominent fennel seed aroma. The goat was tender and flavorful.


Naan went well with the goat curry.

I thought their non-veg thali was quite decent. More enjoyable than the non-veg thali I had at the much more crowded Bezawada.

Even without refilling any of the items, the thali came with a massive amount of food that I barely finished despite arriving hungry.

Page 1 of their menu:

Bright and cheery space. Very clean. It was not crowded so I sat down. This place could use some support. But the location was a bit hidden.