Summer 2019 (July-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

It’s starting to get steamy outside, so it’s time for SUMMER nominations for Cuisine of the Quarter! Hit me with your best ideas for using all of summer’s bounty. I’m growing nine varieties of chiles this summer so my vote is for something spicy! Please list your nominations in ALL CAPS below. I’ll leave this thread open until Wednesday of next week. Thanks, Hos!

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No takers yet? Why don’t I get the ball rolling with THAI?


Adding link for what’s been done already:

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Here’s another one, MEXICAN!!

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Mediterranean! Is that too broad? I’m thinking Greek and Turkish.

We are actually just finishing up a quarter focused on that region (Israeli/Levantine). Worth a revisit, but perhaps a but farther in the future!

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Last time I had proposed Ethiopian and Bengali, but summer may not be the best time for either…

THAI sounds good to me.

How about CALIFORNIA? (inspired by the middle american quarter and thinking summery and vegetable-y)

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I’ll add a third vote for THAI.

Thai sounds good!!