Summer 2018 (July-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hey HOs! We’ve got three great nominees for Cuisine of the Quarter - choose your favorite by liking the appropriate post below. I’ll leave the voting open until July 4!

Like this post for CHINESE.


Like this post for MIDDLE AMERICAN (USA).


Like this post for THAI.


Since we are “global” in our discussions, I would like to choose a cuisine, and then perhaps refine it to a certain country or region …perhaps as suggested above…“middle American”…do we mean food from Central America ?? if so then perhaps Panama, Costa Rica, etc…, or are we talking about food from the “Plains States” of the USA?

My pick at this time would be Mediterranean… food of Greece…

I have the same problem, the term “middle american” doesn’t seem clear to me, could @emglow101 clarifies?

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Nomination is closed now unfortunately. Need to vote with the choices.

From what emglow wrote on the nominations thread, I believe she was referring to the cuisine of the middle portion of the USA, meaning the Midwest, Plains States, etc.


My comment was just that, for future consideration, not a nomination, but a suggestion because we do have contributors for all over the world.

I’m a Middle American by birth and on here that almost qualifies as a foreign cuisine. :slight_smile:


The Midwest of the USA is my understanding of @emglow101’s nomination. “Middle America” is often used to describe not only a geographic identy, but also a socioeconomic status in the United States.

The term “Central America” is commonly used to refer to places such as Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, etc. , which are between North American and South America.

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Tee hee hee I am not a she


LOL, sorry about that!

Looks like MIDDLE AMERICA is our winner! I’ll start the main thread now - just in time to hear all about your July 4 BBQs!