Summer 2017 (Jul-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING THREAD

The nominations are in and it’s time to vote for this summer’s Cuisine of the Quarter! Each nomination has its own post below. Please vote for your favorite by clicking the “like” knife-and-fork icon on the appropriate post. One vote per HO, please! Voting will be open until Friday at 6pm - I have pinned this post to the top to facilitate the process.

Vote here for VIETNAMESE.


Vote here for ITALIAN.

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Vote here for CALIFORNIAN.

I like Italian and Vietnamese, so it was a tough choice.

Looks like Vietnamese is the clear winner! I am very excited - I love Southeast Asian food but I don’t have a lot of experience cooking it. With incredible Thai and Vietnamese restaurants all around me in Queens, it was never necessary - but now that we’ve moved into an area without much in the way of SE Asian restaurants, I am feeling the lack. My Thai basil and Vietnamese coriander are doing great in the garden, so it’s time to get cooking!