Suffering from a sriracha shortage? Here’s why

I started using Sriracha (Huy Fong) a few years ago. What I like most is the bottle. I can use a drop, a squirt, or more depending on what effect I want. I plan to keep my almost emptied last bottle to refill with whatever hot sauce I want.

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Seems like the shortage is still continuing. Huy Fong used to be everywhere but they are difficult to find now. I saw these Huy Fong instant noodles today but not the hot sauce.

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Remember. You can always buy one if you are willing to pay ~$40-50

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I like sriracha with left over roast meats…

I don’t know if this has been posted but it was on 60 minutes this past weekend and it’s ‘adjacent’ to this topic.


I start to see more Huy Fong Sriracha at restaurants and also see them in some supermarkers. Just last weekend.

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Still mostly absent in the DC area. Spouse bought Dynasty brand - side by side they tasted different but now that the Huy Fong is used, the Dynasty is ok. I generally reach for other hot sauces anyway.

It really is not that great 60$, Stupid.
To my taste, many of the Thai ones are better, less sweet, more heat, salt and sour.

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Interesting. From what I know, the Huy Fong version is too hot, and not enough sweetness and sourness…etc.
I think it is what people are used to. I have a Vietnamese friend who grew up with Huy Fong. During this Huy Fong shortage, he has tried many other brands, and nothing taste as good as Huy Fong to him.

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Perhaps if he were Thai his take would be different.

Yes but the keep elements of the story are visible. The farmer eventually won the lawsuit.

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The Rooster is back at a few stores near me, but the price has inflated to $9 a bottle.

This has to be fake news by now.

I just saw Sriracha (Red Rooster brand) at my local Grocery Outlet for 3.99.

Not fake, just old.


I’ve been seeing HF sriracha for a couple months or more in several stores and at not extortionate prices. Not old stock, either, because these stores had been sold out over the summer.

$3.89 at Target

I think different stores/regions get stocked up at different times. The places I have seen being stocked up… the initial prices were indeed $9-10. However, by now, they are in the normal price range.

Wow, this article unpacks the story behind the story. Unfortunate tale. Competitors have since moved in on Huy Fong’s product category, including Tabasco with its own sriracha sauce.

From Fortune, February/March 2024: What really caused the sriracha shortage? 2 friends and the epic breakup that left millions without their favorite hot sauce


Sad and very interesting story. Thanks to you for posting that extremely informative article which answered a lot of questions I had about the topic.

As a bit of an aside, I was astounded when I was recently traveling in Thailand to see a road sign for the town of “Sriracha” which up until that point I had mistakenly assumed was a Vietnamese name. It was nice to see the background of that side of the story covered in the article you posted as well!