Suffering from a sriracha shortage? Here’s why

I just looked on Instacart and it shows both Huy Fong and LKK available at several stores in my neighborhood or for delivery – might be worth a look for your zip.

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I checked Instacart last night - no Huy Fong available anywhere. So I checked my pantry again - 2 unopened bottles. Enough to last until the space ship beams me up for my return voyage.

It is nice to read you have no problems.

Maybe some empathy for those who have problems.


People asked if others have seen it

I responded that I had - and then I checked to see if that was still true in my neighborhood and suggested Instacart as a possible way for others to locate it

This is lacking empathy?

Maybe chill out a bit on interpretation — and also keep in mind that we are discussing chilli sauce


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Great idea! Thanks.

It sounds like one of Huy Fong’s/David Tran’s problems is that the owner of the business has a contentious relationship with just about everyone he works with. He was nearly shut down at one point by Irwindale for the smells that were drifting downwind of his main factory. As he had ramped up production the smells had gotten stronger and stronger and his neighbors were ready to sue him. He was shut down for a while and he finally agreed to install scrubbers on the chimneys of the factory to reduce the smell levels to those that the neighbors had gotten used to before the ramp up in production. Then he jerked around his main supplier of chilis (Underwood Ranches) and is growing them himself now, but it sounds like that legal battle is ongoing and his supply of chilis is a bit more problematic.
I like Sri Racha but knowing the history of the owner I like it just a bit less.
Karma will out in the end.


It’s Elon Musk-itis.


Jerky behavior has been with us for some time. LOL!
But it comes down to power. Give some people even a little and the inner jerk surges to fore. Whether it is business or politics or a playground full of kids, if one of them has an advantage, there is a tendency to exploit it. And some take that a couple steps too far.
But I still like Sri Racha and the Tesla Performance Model Y. LOL!

Nevermind ! I see it’s already been shared


People think money makes you rich. On the contrary, money reveals exactly who you really are.


This has nothing to do with David Tran, or his family, or his business practices (good or bad, or somewhere in between), but I have never found the appeal of Sriracha.

To me it just tastes like ketchup that has spoiled.

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I lived without it for years. Who knew? Use a bit now and then, but I shrug. I don’t get the desperation and worship.

I like it in specific dishes and the main dish is Pho, so i have seldom bought it for myself since i do not prepare Pho. But to me Sri Racha seems to complement the complexity of a good Pho.

So far as I can tell, the shortage is limited to Huy Fong. Are there other widely available brands of Sriracha sauce that are decent substitutes? (When even Leiber’s makes a Sriracha sauce, you know it’s become mainstream.)

Absolutely. Maybe not a solution for the society, but a society for that person.

Exactly. Other brands are doing fine, and ready to take a bigger piece of the pie.

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There are many Thai Sriracha available. Many are far superior to the green rooster bottle. My favorite is double golden fish brand. But there are a dozen at my local Great Wall.


I didn’t realize that shortages were still around. To be honest, the first time this surfaced I found sriracha on sale at one of my local Asian markets. Bought a big bottle, and have been good since. I still regularly see these on sale and with boxes and boxes on display, so I’ve never felt the shortage affect our area.

I had a bottle of Sri Racha in my fridge and did not even know it. It is made in Idaho from jalapeno peppers and is a little hotter than Huy Fong and has a nicely short list of ingredients.
I guess Sri Rachas must be ubiquitous if i can have one in my fridge and not even know it.

Some people put Sri Racha on everything. I put Lao Gan Ma on instead.