Stuffed chicken breast with Dauphinoise potatoes & grilled asparagus.

1 chicken breast
cup of spinach
100g of mushrooms
5/6 rashers of streaky bacon
50g of Cheshire cheese
6 large potatoes
500ml of double cream
100g of butter Parmesan Garlic puree


Welcome to the forum, Deano121.

As a Briton, I don’t work in cup measuremements. By any chance do you have the metric weight for the spinach, please.

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100g or 3 to 4oz i generally dont use cup measurements either but have been told by a few people they prefer that measurement

Thanks, mate.

You’ll find most contributors on here are American, so will be very familiar with cup measurements.

Thanks alot im very new to all of this haha

Just watched this vid. Food looks bloody lovely.

May I make a suggestion - with absolutely no offence intended. You’ve a number of typos in the captions - suggest you get a mate to proof read future vids. Second pair of eyes really helps and will make it look much more professional.

No need to be humble, Chef.


Thank you and thanks for the advice its much appreciated

.Looks delicious @deano121. Welcome. Here’s a thread you might enjoy… and they’re not all Americans. :wink: Typos are fine.


Helpful cooking tips using weights and wrap. Thanks…and welcome!