Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hey HOs - time to vote for the next Cuisine of the Quarter! Very interesting nominations this time. I’ve narrowed it down a bit (to cuisines we haven’t yet covered) for the voting thread - please vote for your choice by clicking the knife-and-fork icon on the appropriate post below. One vote per HO, please. I’ll leave voting open until Friday, April 5.

Like this post for AMERICAN CHINESE.


Like this post for CENTRAL ASIAN (Uzbek/Uyghur).

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Like this post for TURKISH.



Maybe I misunderstood the process, but both got 1 / 2 respective votes, whereas AMERICAN CHINESE got none.

It is very odd. The three nominations that got zero votes are here and the two nominations that got some votes are not here.

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I don’t know how some things mentioned were picked vs others, but liking a post does not count as a nomination — people have to actually write in a nomination for it to be counted.

@biondanonima can clarify.

My mistake. Apologies.

I know I wrote Turkish, but I’m realizing that we did Levantine before — is it subsumed?

I thought the CAPITAL NOMINATIONS counted as a vote? I’m so confused.

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Yes, on the nominations thread, I don’t look at likes, only mentions of a cuisine in all caps. I eliminated German because it was COTQ in Spring 2018. I thought we had also done Turkish but my eyeballs skipped right over Levantine in the Master list, so it squeaked through. Housemade pasta is a dish, not a cuisine, so I omitted it as well - definitely happy to consider it for DOTQ next time, though!


Thank you for clarifying.

Thanks for participating, HOs - TURKISH is our big winner! TURKISH - Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter