Special celebratory dinner in Toronto

Looking for a celebratory dinner for our anniversary. Have been fond of Alo, Giulietta, Sushi Kaji, Scaramouche in recent years. Have tried Lucie for lunch. Wasn’t blown away. Is George still great? Anyone tried the tasting menu at Azura on the Danforth? Open to all ideas!

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George is still great and special. We most recently celebrated my wife’s birthday there a few months ago, so you can check my post about it.

We haven’t been to Frilu recently, but it was great when we went and Charles had a meal there last year that sounded great.

Don Alfonso was also quite impressive. Here is my post about that meal.

We also haven’t been to Edulis recently, but it has usually been superb. Maybe someone else here can comment.


My choice depends on your appetite for wine as part of the meal.
If wine is unimportant, then my choices would be either Alo, Enigma or Lucie (alphabetically).
Alo is still good, but the menu doesn’t seem to change as frequently as it once did.
Enigma is the most expensive for food but is suitable for a special occasion.
Lucie is my choice for a la carte although their Comptoir tasting menu is also good.
(at all of the above I would choose to take my own wine and pay corkage or order off the list - NOT the wine pairings - NB corkage costs have risen dramatically since Covid).

If you want a meal ‘with wine’ I would go to FK Restaurant. Their wine pairings are more interesting. However, they only offer this option on weekdays at 6:00 by prior reservation (and only 2 tables/night).
Scaramouche is still good but seems to lack excitement recently - but still romantic (insist on a window table).

George has several wine options and their food is competent - but 48 hours later, I don’t recall what I had!
Don Alfonso has changed chef in the past few months - he’s opened another place which I haven’t yet tried.
Frilu now apparently insists on a wine pairing ‘of their choice’ (or did last time I checked - their choices were unappealing to me and I haven’t returned).

Hexagon (in Oakville) is also worthy - if that is convenient.

Alo since beginning of April has changed their menu a bit … The dining room and counter seating menu are different in prices now.
Enigma prices also include drink pairing now.
Frilu has increased their price yet again … and drink pairing included.
Edulis is good … that is if you can get a reservation …

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At both Frilu and Enigma my experiences with their wine pairings have been disappointing.
I guess both are now off my list!
I was last at Alo at end of January - time to check it out again.

Thanks for the advice! Think we’re going to try Don Alfonso. Haven’t been since the move to the Westin,

I want to visit Casa Paco on Clinton.

The chef who was at Don Alfonso before is now at Danico … :slight_smile:

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I was there just before Christmas, and really enjoyed it!

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I wish more fancy or special occasion places would offer take-out to people who can’t dine indoors.

I’ve emailed Casa Paco to see if they can accomodate me.

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I recall both George and Auberge du Pommier have outdoor dining space.

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Yes, you’re correct.

I don’t think the Auberge or George patios are open yet. I haven’t dined at George or Auberge du Pommier since 2006.

Auberge was one of 2 restaurants located close to where I lived for 13 years. I left that neighborhood in 2015. I only had lunch at Auberge once. I rarely travel north of St Clair for restaurants these days.

I don’t know why I haven’t been that keen to return to George. I think it’s the setting inside George that puts me off. The 2 times I dined at George, it felt like it was either a date night restaurant, or an expense account restaurant, and not much in between. I don’t like going to restaurants where people drop to their knees to propose in front of a full dining room. :rofl: I prefer restaurants with a more jaded client base, I suppose.

I wrote Lucie to ask about take-out and they did not respond to the email.

I will let the Board know if Casa Paco responds. I believe Casa Paco had a small patio last summer during good weather . The Resy app currently only offers indoor seating.

Edulis doesn’t answer the question of take-out in their FAQs. I think I asked about take-out last summer and that I did not hear back.

Enoteca Sociale (less formal than the others mentioned here) has been accommodating about take-out, and so has Chantecler.

The new Contrada on College didn’t respond to the question.

I think Restaurant Pompette will provide take-out as an accomodation. They have a nice patio, too, which I have not visited yet.

Had anyone been to Boehmer recently? It’s still open, and no one ever talks about it on Hungry Onion.

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I vote Canoe.

One thing that I like, esp. if you want “special,” is that diners are generally dressed nattily, which (for me) makes the experience feel a bit less mundane.

Also, free parking! Which for the financial district is quite special.

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For special occasion, my choice would be either Canoe, Kappo Sato or Frilu. Have been to most of the restaurants named in this thread within last two years and these three stood out in terms of food, service and ambiance


Something always seems to go wrong for me at Canoe. It’s become a ‘continuing’ joke.
Too many issues to list (one example: the chicken dish was delivered missing an ingredient - the chicken!).
And recall that Michelin has now reviewed Toronto TWICE - and failed (both times) to give Canoe a rosette. They are not the ultimate arbiters (of course), but I can’t understand why that omission has been almost totally ignored by the local food writers.

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That’s too bad about your experiences at Canoe.

I will say, however, as to Michelin (not just vis-a-vis Canoe, but any restaurant), I treat them just like I do your daily horoscopes.

For entertainment purposes only.


Once upon a time I found Canoe extraordinary, but I’ve been back twice since Covid and each diinner was…fine. Nothing really wrong, but none of those moments that make you say “Yes! That’s why I’m here.”


I have only had a Wow! moment once or twice at restaurants in the past 4 years. Maybe because I’m doing less fine dining these days. The $23 scallop at AloBar is delicious!

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My last time at Canoe was lots of fun.

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At my last visit, we both left the ‘very’ overcooked fish (approaching inedible). The server removed our still almost complete plates and didn’t even ask if there was an issue!