SOUP - Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) Dish of the Quarter

Pier 1 wasn’t in Acton when we lived there - neither was Trader Joes. We moved to Harvard in 1986. Our trip down memory lane last month for our wedding anniversary took us back to the old colonial house we lived in on Great Road near the Concord rotary from 1979 to 1986. I was shocked and also sad to see what had happened. I’ll try to post a photo…

Great Road 2


I’m making a vegetarian Shchi tonight- Russian / Ukrainian cabbage soup.


This year’s Thanksgiving turkey made a rich stock that I’ll be using for awhile.

Here’s ginger turmeric turkey and carrot soup, with kale, onion, and coconut milk. Not enough kick for me at first. Adding yellow curry powder and a couple of birdseye chiles fixed that.

Sliced scallion and a squeeze of lime were the garnishes. Fresh cilantro would have been excellent if only we had some.


Love when you talk garnishes. :grin:


Chicken Ramen

Chicken Stock, Water, Chicken Crystals, Whiskey Barrel-aged Shoyu, Sun Noodles, Topped w/Sliced Chicken, Seasoned Egg, Corn, Wood Ear Shrooms, Chili Onion Crunch, TJs Crispy Onions, Scallions, Togarashi, Black Sesame, Nori

I was pretty proud of my first seasoned eggs. :smiley:


I want your soup!

And this too! :yum:

My best chicken ramen I ate used Bresse chicken in the broth. True, the broth was fat but it was rich and very delicious. It was to celebrate an opening of a new ramen restaurant in Paris, the original founder of the chain Ippudo flew from Japan to cook, it was an one shot event, but that soup was memorable.


Anything “Russian/Ukranian” will soon just be “Russian”, sadly.

Stunning. More like a buffet than a soup!

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Thanks @tomatotomato & @naf!

I almost gilded the lily with toppings, lol.

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Delicious story @naf.

We have an Ippudo here in Santa Monica now. I’m sure it’s not as good as Japan or your experience, but I should check it out. Mine was really light but I love a deep, rich, fatty broth.

Yep, I finally sprung for some good soy sauce.

We got it at Epicurus in N Hollywood, but Amazon also sells it.


Hi @Phoenikia!

Look what I got in my Rancho Gordo Bean Club box? Y’all are right, there is a difference between these and the whole lentils.

Any suggestions for what to serve with the Curried Lentil & Apricot Soup?


My experience with red lentils is that they cook much more quickly than green or black lentils. They’d make a good dahl.


What are chicken crystals?


Haha, sorry. It’s chicken soup base. I call the granules crystals.

Sometimes only msg will do it. :grin:

I like this one too. No artificial stuff…



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Where did you get those products?


I like this one too but now kind of hard to find…

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Hi @ernie_in_berkeley & @rwcfoodie

I got the Totole Granulated Soup Base on Amazon. Another foodie friend says Knorr Soup Base is good if you can’t find Totole. And I got a pro tip recently from another friend who adds a bit of soup granules to his turkey dry rub. I had it on Tday. Sooo good! Doing that!

The Broth Concentrate Packets are sold at both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Happy Flavoring!

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The broth packets used to be a Trader Joe’s item in my area (SF Bay Area), but they have been gone for about 4-5 years. Now I use Better Than Boullion, roast chicken flavor, beef flavor & roast turkey flavor. Will check on the others you’ve mentioned, thanks!


I don’t like that about TJs. If you love something buy a case because they discontinue a lot of good stuff. But also this may just be a fall/winter product. WF always has them. I have BTB Beef too & the Vegetable.

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