SOUP - Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) Dish of the Quarter

Maybe not but it’s adjacent enough to soup, I think.


Good, I’m posting it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t have photographic evidence but I just turned our veggie chili into soup for tonight’s dinner. Accompanied by a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich and local arugula/red lettuce salad.

Veggie chili comprised of soy ground beef, Rancho Gprdon pinto beans, tomato purée, local poblano/ habanero/onion/garlic.

Couple of nights ago, we had spicy local broccoli rabe/soy sausage soup.

We are such soup people. I gotta remember to post here.


We too. :relaxed: One of the few things I miss while working from home is I can’t pop by my favorite soup place for lunch.

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Absolutely fabulous.



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Isn’t it sad? The other day I saw Nancy Silverton (og La Brea Bakery) doing a commercial for Subway bread. Seriously.

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I kinda don’t blame them. Hosting is easy money for Burrell. I was surprised about Silverton’s Subway commercial! :astonished: But she did have a rough year with getting Covid and having Mozza torched by looters. Still, I prefer to remember them creating good food in a kitchen. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s just hard to imagine a trailblazer in bread, schilling (sp?) for a company whose bread was found by a court to not even be bread.

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Yeah, I thought the same thing. It’s disappointing. I can only surmise that the Mozzaplex was harder hit during the pandemic than it appears. She did a beautiful thing at the beginning of the lockdown - setting up a food & provisions center for out-of-work chefs and their families, then she got sick, and the restaurant burned. Rough.

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It is a bummer. I guess sometimes you can afford standards better than other times. She is so talented though, one can only hope and assume she gets back on her feet again.


I made my faux-Mexican chicken soup for dinner, which I often make when the in-house ingredients converge. TJ’s pollo asada, local carrots/potatoes/habanero/cilantro/onion/garlic (LexFarm). Canned black and kidney beans/Muir Glen canned tomatoes. Penzeys veggie soup base. Local sourdough bread (Bread Obsession). Wine and beer.

As those of you who know me, I usually refrain from meat/poultry so I eat around the chicken. The things we do for love.

Also, I can’t cook for 2. It’s always more like 6. We like leftovers.

ETA: And we eat soup sideways.



I always liked Silverton . How many pizza doughs did she make . Something like 2000 . Before she opened her restaurant. A freak like me .

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Yeah, she’s a shero of mine. She helped build a mini empire but still goes to work everyday and is a daily presence at the restaurants.

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Calling this one Soup of All The Vegetables. The pretty saffron-colored broth pleasantly surprised me. The color comes from a diced honeynut squash.

I expected the honeynut to behave like a butternut but it didn’t. The squash cubes mostly melted away in the hour or so of cooking.

Also in that pot: leek, aji dulce pepper, carrot, potato, spinach, a chunk of parmesan rind, a tablespoon of tomato paste, and a few fading cherry tomatoes cut in half. I added a can of Romano beans, drained and rinsed, for protein.

Grated parmesan and/or a swirl of olive oil would have been good garnishes for our bowls. We had garlicky bruschetta on the side so skipped the garnish. How shocking that I would skip a soup garnish, I know.




Here’s chicken soup with homemade chicken stock, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, spinach, leftover chicken breast (from the roast chicken that yielded the stock), and Greek orzo.

We’re not normally fans of chicken soup but the stock made all the difference.

A squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt were the “garnishes” for our bowls. Tried a bit of microplaned parmesan cheese and honestly the soup was better without.


Your soup looks delicious - but I love your plates!!


Thanks! The mustard colored soup bowls were a bargain from the now defunct Pier 1 physical stores (the Acton store on Great Road, which you may remember). When those chip I need to find something else, though I see that Replacements has some. As I paid maybe $5 or so per chip-prone bowl their higher price gets my goat. (A higher price is a goat-getter for me, LOL.)


Here’s mixed greens soup based on this lettuce soup recipe at Epicurious. Reminded me of a more subtle version of cream of spinach.

I used part of a big bag of mixed baby greens from our CSA, which provided a complex and herby flavor. The recipe as written calls for too much salt for my palate, so I’d start with a tiny pinch and add more to taste at the end if needed. I also omitted the garlic clove.

A dollop of preserved truffle butter as a garnish added a layer of flavor. I could also see this playing nicely with sautéed mushrooms, frizzled prosciutto/speck/lardons, sliced almonds, creme fraiche, or coarsely ground black pepper.

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