Soup and Sandwich combo coming up!

With the first signs of Fall, my mouth waters for the classic soup and sandwich combo.

Tonight, that means tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese on dark rye bread with Dijon mustard, caramelized sweet onions and pepperjack cheese.

What’s your homemade, go to s & s combo?


Our homemade soup is a moveable feast. It’s a use-up of whatever vegetables are about to turn manky. If there’s stock in the freezer (perhaps from cooking a ham) that’ll get used. If not, bouillon powder and/or a tin of tomatoes will suffice.

As for the sandwich, that’ll be grated Cheddar or Red Leicester, with grated carrot. Maybe a spoonful or two of chutney - I make a very nice one using dried fruits that works so well with cheese (we’re currently eating the October 2016 vintage). This is a sandwich for white sliced bread - not the absolute cheapest you could find but this is no job for craft bakers.

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John, all of that sounds fantastic. Trying to recreate with my pantry items. So true about the right bread for the sandwich. Using a mango chutney with cheese often here. Vegetables sounds right up my alley.

The best soups are made from scratch with bits of this and that and a good stock, amen to that!

Even better with turkey or chicken. IMO, of course.

There are few sandwiches that I enjoy more than the leftover turkey one at Christmas. A surefire certainty for Boxing Day lunch. Turkey, sage & onion stuffing, a little sliced sausage, mango chutney. It still calls for white bread but this is a time for that craft loaf. As I’m sure you know, we Europeans do not stuff sandwiches as full as Americans do but this is a time for some generosity.

Great suggestions, as always. We have quite a few holiday sandwiches from intentionally made leftover chicken and turkey meat that keeps on giving. My sister’s cranberry relish is savory and excellent on a turkey or chicken sandwich. Good stuff.

Use all the bones for soup stock and gravy.

Now I’m hungry for it, ha!

Cranberry is a relatively recent addition to the Christmas table in the UK. I’m particularly fond of this recipe from Delia Smith which I’ve made from time to time for the last 20 years or so. It goes with so much - turkey, game, sausages, etc. Now I think of it, I must try and remember to give it a go with a sausage sandwich.

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I will ask my sister how she prepares her relish. I noted cardamom in the recipe you linked, which I enjoy, and know that is not in her version. Interesting.

As the weather gets cooler I will be resurfacing cheesy meatloaf sandwiches on wwheat bread with creamed potato soup.

Chicken Tortilla soup with roasted red pepper toast

Cream of broccoli soup with grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches.

Oh my.


Minestrone soup with pulled pork sandwich.

Cream of celery soup with veggie burger.

New England clam chowder with spicy mayo spread btwn two corn fritter cakes.

Roasted eggplant sandwich with Italian wedding soup.

okay, now the cooler weather cant arrive fast enough.


The correct answer is Broccoli Cheese soup and a BLT.

Or Black Bean soup and a Cubano.

Or French Onion and a good Club.


French onion is one of my favorites. The bread and melty cheese is already in it. I’ll change it out on occasion, and add a pierogi or two to the French onion soup.

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Any time of year that.the supermarket has a $3.50/pint sale on Panera autumn squash soup, I stock up. It is that rare prepared item that’s every bit as good as my own homemade, which I only do in fall and winter, when local butternut have the most flavor. It pairs well with ham, turkey and grilled cheese. The other day it was grilled American cheese, bacon, mustard, and chutney on multigrain.


How did I forget onion soup! Love that bread topper with thick slice of blue cheese.

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Nearby market makes excellent butternut squash soup. I will give Panera a try.

Be still my soup loving heart. Yes! to everything you suggested

Breakfast burrito:egg, pepperjack cheese and sliced avocado with a cup of tomato soup.

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Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese and Prosciutto Croutons.

Two for the price of one.


I’m a big fan of the sandwich & soup combo. Now that the weather has turned colder I’ve been having it quite a lot for lunch at Pret A Manger. The range of sandwiches is quite large but there are usually only 4 soups available so the soup very much dictates what sandwich to have rather than the other way round.

First was tomato soup with a cheddar and pickle half baguette. Pretty good but the soup needed to be a bit sweeter and the pickle was a bit too strong for the soup.

Second up was chicken Caesar on half a baguette with chicken soup. I was thinking the soup would amplify the the flavour of the chicken of the baguette and it worked pretty well.

The third combo I tried was the clear winner. Pea & mint was the only soup I fancied. So it had to be prosciutto on half a baguette. Pea and ham is a classic for a reason. Luckily the mint wasn’t too prominent or it might not have worked.


How was the salt level on these delicious sounding combos?

We have Pret here all over nyc yet their (vegetarian) soups seem to be a real weak point! I strongly suspect UK Pret has better soup…
i’ve always been fairly happy with the (vegetarian) sandwiches and salads they offer - ok, fine, and the popcorn that is somehow crazy amazing. For years Pret was the best option near my office!