Soup and Sandwich combo coming up!

(Dan) #21

Tuna melt on marbeled rye with tomato and cheese with a cup of NE clam chowder.

(Chris) #22

The salt levels were ok. There was a big fuss a few years ago about the amount of fat, salt and sugar in the food at Pret and so they’ve reduced the levels of these (completely ruined the Swedish meatball wrap IMO). I found the soups under seasoned (though I like my food quite salty).However the sandwich fillings provided the seasoning.

(Chris) #23

Their soups can be a bit hit and miss. Their tomato wasn’t great, I stirred in some tomato ketchup to tweak the sweetness but the pea was really good. Their chicken soup is pretty good. Pret wouldn’t be my first choice for soup but I have once close by and a small soup and half baguette is about £4.50 as I don;t need to buy a drink. I can’t keep spending £12-£15 for lunch at my favourite places & I refuse to sit and eat a sandwich at my desk so going out to Pret is a decent compromise.

(Dan) #24

Yeah I recall the fuss. Some of my gigs in nyc yrs back Pret catered. My fav was the buffalo chicken panini.


Fried oyster po boy with chicken and andouille sausage gumbo.


I would usually pack my lunch but days i didn’t pret was a tasty not too expensive fast option made from good quality ingredients. I also really like that at the end of the day here they donate all extra inventory not sold to local food banks
I have to must get away from my desk for a moment around mid day so even if I brought lunch i would go get a coffee or whatever.