Sonny's Hot Dogs [NJ, Neptune]

I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while but didn’t get a chance to try it until recently. So a cool little hot dog shop has opened up in the Shop Rite plaza called Sonny’s Hot Dogs. We desperately need a unique restaurant so this place is a home run for me already. I love places like this. The atmosphere is dank, the menu is fun, and the food is good from what I’ve had so far, which isn’t much. I’m definitely planning on going back though.

I know there’s a lot of hot dog and Italian dog fans here so I think you guys will like this place. To satisfy all palates, you can get your dog boiled, grilled, or fried which is nice. Also, they claim to have cheese steaks made with actual ribeye so I’m planning on trying that soon.


Interesting that - according to the menu on Yelp - they charge extra for tomatoes and lettuce on their burgers: is this the norm in the area?

Nice…I will definitely try this spot. I love the fact that they use natural casing dogs and will crisp them up in the fryer or on the grill! Have you tried the chili yet and are there any good hot relish options? I’m a big fan of the windmill relish.

Isn’t there a dog truck in the shoprite parking lot? I seem to recall one.

I haven’t tried the chili, not aware of hot relish options - the ones at windmill do kick ass!

Never seen a hot dog truck in that lot before, unless you’re talking about the Shoprite hotdog stand. Those are actually pretty decent too.

In some ways it’s normal. For example at diners a regular hamburger comes with no fixins, and if you want LTO you gotta get the deluxe or the cali which is an upcharge. I always poo poo Jr’s also for charging for tomato/onion, but their burgers come with lettuce. I just looked at their menu and I personally really think a 7$ hamburger must come with lettuce tomato onion.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I seem to never end up here - it’s kind of expensive. Their hot dogs aren’t big - you need 2 to have a reasonable meal and that’s already 8 bucks. They also nickel and dime you for things that should be standard on hot dogs like kraut and onions.

Honestly 7-11 has sort of ruined the hot dog game for me because you can get a 1/4 lb dog there for basically a dollar, and you can put anything you want on it. Sure it’s missing the natural casing snap, but otherwise it’s a perfectly serviceable all-beef dog and I just don’t get excited about spending double or triple the price for a smaller dog with natural casing.

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Out in PA they have Sheetz’s. It’s like WaWa. Coffee’s not nearly as good but the dogs are 2/$1.

My mistake. I got the two shopping centers confused I think. The dog truck is in ocean I believe off deal rd near the Wendy’s

Has anyone heard from hotdoglover?

Not around these boards. He spends a lot of time in a fb hot dog group.

Would you please invite him over here, as well as any other members of the fb board.

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Joon!!! You are the man!!! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked by this place going between Home Goods and the worlds best Dollar Store!! As you said though the place is “dank” and I have been intimidated to give it a try. I’m so glad you posted this because I promise you I will be there this weekend!! Thanks for taking one for the team!!!

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I sent him this post.


Stopped by today. 2 deep fried, one with chili and the other with cooked onions. Onions were weird, just fried…No sauce. Different, not bad but probably wouldn’t have again. Chili, I thought was fantastic. Little hot, but had that cinnamony weiner sauce thing going on. Probably my favorite chili sauce I’ve had south of the Driscoll.


Dank is good?

I think he means it is kind of dinghy.

I LOVE THIS PLACE !!! Dank is not what I would call it at all, it has a very good feel and vibe to it. Just came back, I had an Italian Hot Dog my wife had dirty water chili cheese and a side of onion rings. The onion rings were frozen, Nathan’s I think, but that’s no big deal. The Italian hot dog was great, I prefer the potatoes to be fried chip style, these were cubed but that’s just personal preference. The peppers and onions were great as was the pizza dough bread, the chili on my wife’s dog was excellent!! Nice spice to it! I will be bringing my son back for sure to try their wings. Great menu, I think this would make an awesome “nosh” food HoDown!

Def recommend giving it a try.


I’m not sure when the next Hot Dog tour is happening, but @JohnFox could fill you in on the details.

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Looks like Saturday October 14. :slight_smile:

I’m baaaaacckkkk !!! (Told you I genuinely liked this place)

Today was chili slaw dog and mac n cheese with bacon. Both very good although I got the dirty water dogs and I think the grilled or fried would have been better.


Damn those look good. I can’t wait for dans to open when this weather breaks. I’ve got a craving for some chili cheese dogs.

Is that cabbage pickled?

That was chili and “slaw” dog, I assumed it was going to be a creamy contrast to the slightly spicy chili. Obviously it wasn’t a typical slaw, but it wasn’t pickled either, not sure how it’s made but it tastes good!!