New Jersey Hot Dogs

Some of you may know me from the Road Food forums, some of you may not. Anyway, someone started a NJ Hot Dog map awhile ago… I’ve pretty much been the only one updating and maintaining it. Other people do stuff once in awhile, but mostly me.

You can find the map here:


There’s a link just copy and paste.

I am wondering if there’s any spots you know of that aren’t on the map. I’m always looking for a new hot dog place to visit. While I haven’t tried every one on the map, I do intend to one day.


Link isn’t working for me…

Works for me - did you perhaps include the leading period as seen in the original post.?

Thank you! Nobody ever accused me of being too bright.

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Timely. I just stopped at Sonny’s today


Yes, I thank you guys. I found Sonny’s on here.


Hot Dog Stop just opened on Rt. 130 in Windsor, NJ (between East Windsor and Robbinsville).

Cool topic. I can’t get the map to open up from my phone but this could just be me. I’ll try to mess around with this tomorrow.

Is that hot dog place still around next to the Dublin house? I think I went there once like ten years ago and don’t recall it being anything special.

That Hot Dog Place., or Soupmeister. I think he goes by both names.

I haven’t been in a while but I’m pretty sure he’s still around. I used to get his Chicago dog.

But his soups are real good, as I remember.

Cool…maybe I’ll get there soon. With the spring approaching, I was just thinking of Dans in Atlantic highlands. Have you tried their chili cheese dogs? Good stuff

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I got the map to open.

Dawg house is gone so you can remove that.

Gus’s in red bank and Dans in Atlantic highlands are two you can add to the map. Gus runs year round but Dans is only open during warmer weather. Also, there is a hot dog cart in sea bright but I forgot her name. She is warm weather too.

Also, see the Tom’s post above about the red bank spot.

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Mrs Rooney! ( sea bright)

She’s a doll and her onions are solid.

I can honestly say that I haven’t truly enjoyed hot dogs since Amazing Hot Dog (Verona) closed. Full disclosure: I’m still close friends with the owner–as in, had dinner with him last night–but having been through the “we’re looking for a location” thread on eGullet back in the day to “we’re closing,” I can’t get too excited about other hot dogs. I still long for his Jersey Breakfast dog. He keeps threatening to host a throwback AHD party–that’s what I’m waiting for!

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I’m game. What is/was a Jersey Breakfast dog?

1/4 lb Best’s dog with cheese and A FRIED EGG on a potato roll. Bacon optional, but hellooo…why not? :blush:

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Bbqboy, have you ever indulged in any porkroll?

On my, no. I’m 3000 miles away. I’ve only been in NJ once when I was13. :slight_smile:
I just know it as the mythical land my sister was born in courtesy of Morristown.

  • I saw Help! on the boardwalk after visiting the World’s Fair… :slight_smile:

I would definitely definitely try it. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Hot dog bobs in keyport is gone.
Titos in New Brunswick was sold and changed to Diesal and Dukes.

Might want to check the two places listed in Keansburg. The one may be a boardwalk place, but I’m like 99% positive the location on church street doesn’t exist. There used to be a guy with a cart selling at the Shell station on rt 36.

You can add old Heidelberg in Keansburg.

And there is a guy who sets up at the old car wash in Union Beach by IFF. Not sure the name of the cart but his name is Frank. Nothing earth shattering but he serves solid sabretts and his chilli is good.