Sonny's Hot Dogs [NJ, Neptune]

Damn…sounds tasty. I think we need a mac n cheese thread! Sound good?

Go for it!!


Sonny’s will be a stop on the 14th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour October 14.

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Mr. Fox do you have more details on this 14th annual NJ hot dog tour of which you speak?

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I do the itinerary, my buddy handles travel arrangements. Contact Erwin at There may be a few seats available. Stops include GallopingHill Inn, Randy the Hot Dog Guy, Windmill, Max’s, Local Smoke, and Sonny’s.

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If you’re not aware of John and his hot dog knowledge, y’all should be!


@mishypoo and I have done the tour a few times and always enjoyed it. John and Benzee are both great guys. It’s usually in North Jersey. This is only the second one in 14 years south of the Raritan river I believe. It always starts in Union whatever the itinerary.

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Finally got around to trying this place and it’s a winner. @MishyPoo and I split 3 dogs to try a variety of toppings and they were all very good.

The owner is a great guy and we will be returning to try other items. I like that you have a choice of 3 different methods of prep for the dogs, Dirty Water, Grilled or Deep Fried. They use Sabrett natural casing all beef 8 to the pound which are bigger than a lot of other places which use 10, 11 or even 12 to a pound.

The owner said they’ve recently switched to a thinner pizza bread for the italian hot dogs and they looked very good. We’ll try that next time along with the burger which also looked good.

I’ll happily meet anyone there anytime!


Yes, yes, Please meet us there “anytime” specifically around dinner time, so that I don’t have to cook that night. Thanks!



No pics? :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Does anyone know who makes the windmill cheese sauce and/or where you can buy it? I am a big fan and would like to try some of that on a few things. @JohnFox

Ha! Glad you liked it, it’s a cool little spot. I look forward to trying the Italian hot dog again, I just wished they used deep fried potatoes “chips” rather than diced potatoes. Still it’s not a bad Italian hot dog and if it’s not to your liking there are certainly enough options.

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I thought windmill uses cheese whiz no?

No it comes in this giant can. I remember seeing it a while back. Next time I’ll see if I can get a name.

Sonny’s has closed. They say they will reopen soon in another location and will announce details by March 15.

I liked this place and hope they do reopen.


You know I went to that Shop Rite last weekend and when we passed Sonny’s it looked closed by my wife insisted it was just the tinted glass. Dammit, I liked that place too.

That’s a surprise. I was there just a couple of weeks ago and they were installing flooring. A big fan of their Italian hotdog.

Sonny says they are reopening in Belmar at 8th and Main. Now to be called Sonny’s Hot Dogs, Burgers & Grille. They are trying to open by Memorial Day but no guarantees.


Thanks for the update. I’ll have to try and remember when I’m in the area, the old location worked better for me.