Soft Shell Crabs!

The season has begun in NC!

The first soft shells of the season I dredge in seasoned flour and pan
fry. A squeeze of lemon and it’s lucky if I make it to the table before it’s devoured.

The second batch becomes a po-boy with shredded iceberg lettuce and remoulade sauce.

With the third batch I’m willing to experiment with something new.

Does your fish market have them yet? How do you like to prepare them?


Lucky you. Here in MA, I don’t have the same access to great crab. When I do come across nice softshells my dredging flour of choice is Wondra. I’ll season the flour a bit with Old Bay if I have that on hand.

Wondra does wonders for texture if you’re pan frying those softshells.

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Check our NJ crab thread. We’d love for you guys to chime in. Let’s talk crab [NJ]

As for softies, I don’t do anything exotic. Fried, breaded and some tarter sauce on a roll

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