Snacks to keep you going through a long night

As I imagine many will be aware, we have a general election in the UK tomorrow. Polls close at 10pm and, whilst a small number of seats will declare not too long after midnight, the bulk of results will be between 2am and 5am. It’s going to be a momentous night, even though polls give a pretty clear indication of which party is going to win. We intend to stay awake to catch some of the more exciting declarations, including our own constituency which is a “marginal” and should change hands from Conservative to Liberal Democrat. .

We plan a lightish dinner at our normal time but are bound to need things to eat late evening and in to the early hours. What would you suggest?


Hmm. Thinking of what I’d want for a bit more than light TV grazing.

Sandwiches made earlier, eaten as is or toasted.

A couple of substantial dips with pita / pita chips / naan – like muhammara, labneh, herby yogurt (with or without some reheated kababs).

Tortilla or pita pizza made ahead and reheated. Or takeout pizza eaten cold.

Quesadillas or pita pockets.

I’m a savory snacker, but if I skewed sweet, (american) biscuits or scones with jam, ice cream with toppings, or cake and custard would appeal.

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The things that are served around midnight at a Greek wedding in Toronto: pizza (could do frozen pizza), gyros or souvlaki in pita, honey with yogurt, honey balls (loukoumades)

The things served at a Prairie wedding at midnight, the midnight lunch: fresh rolls, cold cuts (ham, roast beef, salami) , cheese (usually cheddar or Colby), assortment of cucumber pickles (Dills, bread & butter, sweet)

What I tend to eat late at night:
Cheese and crackers

What I ate last night late at night:
Cobb Salad :slightly_smiling_face: I kept a Cobb Salad from a restaurant I like in fridge, undressed, adding dressing to the portion I took.

Since it’s tomato season, I’ll also add:
Bacon and tomato sandwiches
Tomato and mayo sandwiches
Caprese kabobs


A Cubano works for me.

And a peaty single malt, preferably a Lagavulin 16. Neat.


That’s funny. I remember visiting my PIC for the elections in the US in 2000. We stayed up until after 2AM bc of the pending FL results :joy: :expressionless: :no_mouth:

Had we known this nonsense would drag on for weeks, we’d have gone to bed far earlier.

All I know is this year’s US elections will require TPSTO something you no longer indulge in: booze.


Well I hope you have better choices than we’re facing in the US )or at least candidate who were born after 1960) :crazy_face:

I’d go with charcuterie, maybe cheese and crackers with fruit or hummus or some similar dip with pita chips. Not terribly original, but easy prep and cleanup for a late night nosh.

I know I don’t have to say no alcohol (for those who do imbibe it makes one sleepy). Maybe a nice fruity seltzer? Or one of my favorites–water :grin:


??? (I swear you invent some of these acronyms.)

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As a matter of fact, I did invent this one, in the good ole CH days. It’s being used all the time in WFD, and stands for “the proverbial shit-ton of” X — usually in the context of baked taters with TPSTOB(utter) or TPSTOS(our)C(ream), but can be used for TPSTO garlic and other things.

It’s a very flex accronym :wink:


So it’s a WFD elitist acronym :crazy_face:


Well I haven’t trademarked it (yet), so feel free to use it among the unwashed plebe, too :smiley:

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Never. We plebians restrict ourselves to 4-letter-max acronyms :scream:


I would do things that could sit out - so veggie sticks with hummus, pimento cheese, or your favorite dip/spread. Cheese and cured meats. And then have small sandwiches - slider size or cut in quarters because you really won’t want to eat a lot late at night (or I wouldn’t). You could also put meatballs in a warming dish and just skewer them with toothpicks to eat.

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And, often, just three. FFS


You see, I didn’t need that one defined!


But back to the topic at hand . . .I’m lazy. I don’t mind prep, but at the end of the day I dislike cleaning up. So whatever I would have, it would be something that could stay out or could be easily wrapped and shoved into the fridge. :sloth:


Pre-prepped and staying out is important. I don’t want to be standing in the kitchen at 1.30 making food and missing one of my “most detested” politicians losing her/his seat.


Right, it’s like an important sporting event–get the spread on the table and just nosh until the end. Then throw out or wrap and call it a day (hopefully with the glow of victory).

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My go to is thin slices of each of: various cheeses, apples, pears, salamis, and crackers. Hummus on the side to paint some of the crackers before application of the other stuff, which in order should be layered as hummus (if) then meat then fruit then cheese on top.

Beer or three to go with.


I’m such an elitist snob I even threw in an extra “c” in acronym :smile:



A small chunk of bread and a 1/2 glass of milk is my midnight snack if I’m hungry.

I usually have some type of homemade bread in the house, I’ll tear off a piece and have some milk.