Snacks to keep you going through a long night

We don’t snack much, the two of us. DH buys potato chips and Doritos, but that’s his domain. We’re having a deer-in-the-headlights experience in the US and I’m drinking Chardonnay in excessive amounts. I like cheese in my sorrow, also nuts.

So in rank order - alcohol, cheese and nuts.


How’s the menu looking, @Harters?

I think we’re veering towards chicken sandwiches, slathered with my homemade tomato, lime & chilli chutney (which is very perky, so should be a bit of a wake-up). Some sticks of veg - celery, carrot - and something dip them into.


I figured the Press might have some Election Day What to Eat guides, as we have in North America.

I realize the Mirror is what it is, but I’m posting this since it’s on topic.

From 2019


In the end, at various times during the evening - ham sandwich, a chunk or two of Red Leicester and a handful of flapjack “bites”. Mrs H had a couple of croissants and Worcesterberry jam.


And hopefully a very enjoyable evening.


Certainly some enjoyable results.

We actually went to bed at 2am, so not many results had been declared but it was already clear what direction things were moving in so there’s actually not really been any major surprises. In our own constituency, the Liberal Democrats comfortably beat the incumbent Conservative. I’m pleased for the winner, even though I didnt vote for him (I voted Green) - he is one of our local borough councillors and has been doing a good job for the community.


Top a Ritz cracker with a Reese peanut butter cup THIN. Warm in oven for 90 seconds (or microwave for 10 sec). Top with another Ritz cracker and chill for 10mins. Movie night I made 5 dozen and the gang inhaled them.


Probably too late for the UK election party (and I’m not sure Reese’s pb thins are a thing in Europe), but this sounds like a tasty snack for an upcoming Phillies game.


Ah but…

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It is a small world after all!

Getting smaller all the time :wink:

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Homemade tortilla chips and salsa I make just for this. Salsa is simple prep: dice tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, little salt and we’re there. Tortillas take a little time to fry, but we’ll worth it compared to Tostitos and the myriad other ho-hum bagged tortilla chips out there.

Also, cheese and crackers, with some form of salami and olives, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, etc.

I can’t sit in front of the tube for more than 20 or so minutes, so I usually prep stuff as folks enjoy whatever they’re watching. Save for cheese popcorn, I’ve never understood popcorn in a bag. Fresh is it.

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These morsels…and when the sweet tooth strikes I do enjoy a Rice Krispie snack.

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