Snacks for impromptu guests

If someone pops in with little notice, what do you always have on hand to feed them? Do you serve prepared/packaged things or do you have 2-minute recipes in your repertoire?

We almost always have nuts at home, and I can make stovetop popcorn in under 5 minutes.

There’s also almost always cheese and charcuterie in the house (tho the cheese would need more than 2 minutes to taste of anything).

TJ’s mushroom turnovers, spanakopita & feta pie are also good to have in the freezer, as is their Alsatian tart.


I would also say cheese* and charcuterie. Never sweets. We don’t eat sweets.
Fruits are good quick snacks.
Bread and stuff I put on it for lunch.

(* not my lovely stinky cheeses, however! The standard, rubbery kind other people prefer to eat.)

Cheese and charcuterie has already been mentioned. So I will add marinated olives, nuts (pistachio), cherry tomatoes, pink radishes, or if it’s summer, melon with prosciutto.

Paté on a toast works too.

For non foodies, potato chips always work.

unexpected guests are shit out of luck here. they’d better like cat hair, too.


Pretty boring group here :stuck_out_tongue:

I too always have cheese, crackers, grapes and nuts on hand. There’s usually some hummus, celery and carrots as well. And there’s always chocolate available; lately it’s been some version of dark chocolate and sea salt, though there’s always some Hersheys in the drawer for when my niece stops by with her 3 kids in tow.

On days like today (heat index about 110), there’s vanilla ice cream with various toppings and chocolate covered frozen banana bars.

For my plumber yesterday–and plumbers are generally pretty impromptu–a choice of Yard’s IPA, Yard’s Stout and Victory Hop Devil. While he worked, I ran out to the local meat market for various roasted meats and some salads and rolls. (OK, he’s my cousin and refuses to charge me, so he gets to eat lunch and drink beer.)


Cat treats? She’s the only one here that snacks.

Invited and/or planned guests are much better provided for.


My impromptu guests know me all to well . They seem to show around dinner time . Always invited to stay for dinner . I cook like a Italian grandmother . Are you hungry ? Plenty of food for everyone .


I don’t have cheese or meats at home - or many last minute guests- but i do always have edamame in pods which i can make superfast and then top with furikake or smoked salt. Olives, nuts, and some sort of hummus or bean dip are always on hand as well as various veggies than can be dipped

There is certainly no shame in serving prepared things for last minute visitors, things like those frozen mini quiche are always a crowd pleaser


I’m good at condiments!

I guess I eat pretty carefully. there’s only 2 of us and nearly zero waste- I really don’t keep anything around but some hardy raw veggies and the odd cheese.


I always have tap water.

But anything else is really whatever that I have.

Though I usually have some chocolate. Can do a ‘chocolate flight’.

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Edamame is my quick snack too. A drizzle of good olive oil and sprinkle a blend of kosher salt and lapsang souchong (whizzed together in the spice grinder) . Easy and everything is always on hand.

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Impromptu guests should bring their own. & they better like Husky hair.

A side note:
We are 2 of us too, but never planned very carefully. We end up eating aged cheese, maybe will eventually end up in cooking. The tired looking vegetables will be in broth. Meat will be cooked and freeze for future consumption. Try to be zero waste too, in a messy way.


It’s cool to hear so many similar themes across the board.

Based on current habits, this is what I keep around:

Ready to serve:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Lupini beans (jarred)
  • Random Trader Joe’s snacks (85% chocolate bar and whatever is in rotation)

Minimal preparation:

  • Roasted chick peas with garam masala
  • Avocado toast


  • Boiled Chinese dumplings
  • Edamame (I’ll follow up with @ttrockwood’s idea for smoked salt or @meatn3’s lapsang sochang idea)

I usually have “crabbies” in the freezer. Otherwise, cheese, crackers and chips are usually in the house. If I’ve got pita chips on hand I’ll whip up a quick dip with canned white beans, garlic, oo and roasted red peppers.
If they are close enough friends to be impromptu they will forgive the dog fur.



Maybe they have a better name. It’s the Old English cheese spread, crab and I think butter. Spread it on toasted English muffins halves then cut each half into quarters. Then broil or bake until bubbly; can go right from the freezer into the oven.

OMG. That sounds amazeballs. How have I not heard of this before???

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Not sure how you missed it but they get scarfed up every time.

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