Snack Attack, homemade

Pistachio barfi includes almond extract and a touch of rosewater.
I like these way to much!


I have grown to enjoy cheeses with fruit - my mom always eats this way, but it’s only in the last several years that I have developed a taste for the combination.

@Barca is that plain ricotta, or do you do something do it?

Lovely presentation!

Nice! Including milk products or just nuts?

@Rooster have you come across granola made with kasha and rosemary?

I’ll try to find the recipe - it was a surprising sweet/savory/crunchy flavor that might be up your alley - I’m not even much of a granola eater but I made it a few times.

ETA - it’s buckwheat, but I used some kasha I had sitting around. Found the recipe. I think I used slivered almonds a couple of times and preferred them to the walnuts, and honey for maple syrup.

Great over yogurt or cottage cheese or ricotta (or on its own instead of potato chips, while watching tv, lol).

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Thanks so much, M. My wife really enjoys it…but, this one changes it up and I love rosemary.

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Condensed Milk, almond flour, 2 nuts, food grade green dye, cardamom, ghee. I didn’t use the silver.


Your laddoos look delicious!

I made badam katli over diwali, which is the no-milk version. Always curious when I see these whether the recipe includes mawa (dried milk solids), condensed milk (a “modern” but very handy shortcut), or all nuts.

I’m going to try a nuts-and-seeds version of the savory buckwheat rosemary granola… anyone else enjoy savory granola or similar toppings on salad or yogurt? Ideas?

This one I posted earlier was good.


I do have another version that uses dried milk powder. Haven’t made it yet.
I want to try making carrot halwa.

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Carrot halwa is both delicious and easy.

One of the few desserts where it’s possible to choose a healthy version or full blown decadence.

Both! Lol!

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Do you have a good recipe you can share?

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@Saregama, what do you think about this version.

Chai infused milk for creating chia pudding, tahini/date syrup drizzle then topped w homemade ginger-pecan granola.

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