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Who has this book, and what prep(s) in it would you rate highly (or lowly)?

Wahine just bought the book, and there are so many recipes that sound great, I don’t know where to start.



I’ve not made this, but good review from the Washington Post:

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I have it. So far the only thing I’ve made is the Green spaghetti with garlic butter (or whatever the name of it is) on the cover and I found it just meh.



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Thank you!

I don’t know if this one is in the book or not but it’s on the website. I make these every year at strawberry season and they’re killer. I’ve also made them with peaches - also killer. And they can be frozen unbaked. Which I have done - you bake a fresh strawberry biscuit in January and it’s just the best thing ever.


I thought I was going to LOVE this dish but it was only meh for me, too! I was smart enough to sub thin spaghetti for angel hair! I hate it but out of obligation not to waste. There are many other recipes that looked appealing but time ran out on ebook loan so I got on wait list again.

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I preordered it, but was struggling to find stuff to make out of it that we would all eat. So far I have made the black bean chili, which we liked (but it was not a huge amount so I’ve noted to double it for next time), and the chicken and dumplings, which we also liked (though next time I’d split the chicken mixture in half before adding the dumplings, and freeze one half for later).

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this is a huge hit every time I make it but is it in the book?

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good to see that it isn’t just me. I ate half of the leftovers but then threw out the rest.


My Friend David Lebovitz raved over her chocolate chip cookies with brittle chunks, FWIW.

I think the book contains only new / non-website recipes. That skillet ravioli (which I make with tortellini) is excellent!

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Correction: I didn’t hate it … I ate it


I made these cookies today. They’re very good, and I think they’d sell in singles. Including the brittle is borderline brilliant.

However, the quantity of chocolate chips is hugely excessive, and considering the sugar in the dough, the brittle and the chips, the cookies end up dramatically too sweet for me. If I do them again, I’ll dial back the quantity of chips from 8 oz to 4 or 6, and go with the highest cacao % chips I can find.

If you go over 72% they will be too bitter.

I think Wahine bought Guittard 64%.

How else to curb the sweetness?

I feel dirty, these cookies were so sweet…

I always bought Valrhona bittersweet bars at Trader Joe; I think they were 72%. TJ no longer carries them, very sad.

Follow them with a drink of cold milk…

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