SLAVIC - Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter

Parking this here, since Luo Song Tang is influenced by Borscht

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Lviv Syrnyk aka Lviv Cheesecake

Lviv’s Koriliwsky ( Crown) Torte

Russian Korevsky Cake

Olia Hercules’ savoury lazy (ricotta/syr) dumplings with green beans, poppy seeds and crispy onion

Olia Hercules’ recipes on her site

I was reading a thread about Moscow restaurants on CH, and a poster mentioned how good the Russian Crab was. I haven’t found any Russian recipes calling for real crab, but I found some articles about their love of imitation crab (also popular in the Canadian Prairies, although maybe moreso 20 years ago) and recipes calling for imitation crab.

Russian Imitation Crab Salad

@Olunia has created this Cook For Ukraine Ukrainian- specific thread Support Ukraine through Cooking

The rhubarb sauce is really good.

Galician (the historic Province of Austria Hungary) cuisine.

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Voting for next quarter’s COTQ is now live! Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

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Slavyanka Cake is made with Halvah

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Thanks for posting this recipe, @Phoenikia. Kolaches were a treat from a local bakery, now looong gone, when I was little. Cheese or lekvar (prune butter) were my favorite kinds. I still taste them in my memory all these years later.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr