Slate: Nancy Silverton's recipe - 'This Genius Egg Salad is a Love Letter to Eggs'


‘…Silverton’s bagna cauda toasts, bathed in warm garlic-anchovy butter, are in every way the right contrast to the egg salad spooned on top: the warm to its cool, the crisp to its soft, the prickly intensity to its complete, elemental comfort.’

(L) #2

I am so making this!

(L) #3

In looking at the comments on Food52 there was mention that salt measurements were too high (2tbls vs 2 tsp). They corrected the current recipe to read just “salt”, which is a shame because Silverton specifies the amount of salt matters. Anyway, if anyone downloaded the original post on Food52 make sure you don’t use 2 tbls of salt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(John) #4

Egg salad on Pumpernickel.


Eggs, Mayo, salt, pepper. Done.


You forgot the anchovies! That’s the best part. I even garnish deviled eggs with my beloved anchovies.


Umm…decidedly “no thank you”. I like my egg salad pure, just like grandma made it!

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Oh yes, of course, me too. But no harm in taking a walk on the wild side every now and then.