Silliness & Food Funnies 2021

I like that solution to “What do we do with the corner?” much better than some I’ve seen. But now I want to see what they did with the back part of the next one to the right!

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Super common in New York (where I live) & New Jersey (where I’m from). Dollar slice joints, in particular, are not using fresh mushrooms.

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Well, now I know it actually works.

They made a sign. There must be other things they sell that don’t have coriander in them.

Claw machines now have cabbages

More cabbages. They are real and they are spectacular.

Well, only Elaine knows.

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Accidentally trendy, just can’t spell:
My dislike for shellfish means I’ve been on a low-crab diet all along.

Good for the bird for distancing. Unfortunate that s/he thinks the mantra is mask OR six feet when it is/should be mask AND six feet.


Good morning, Sir.
One kilo aubergine and 2 daikons, please.

Some people already give their cats masks.

Korea is testing cats and dogs for covid soon. Meanwhile my government has left us for dead!

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The bird read the handwritten sign, and misread it the same way that I did: “If you stay far enough apart, all the old buns will become fresh again.” :smile:
(Now I realize it means: “Please stay far enough apart.” followed by “All the buns are fresh.”)

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The importance of space/comma and punctuation marks etc. Still unfortunate, though.

Note to self

Then what is it really for?

Where is this nanny state located? Not China, and not the US from the language on the sign.

In China I had to do my business over a trough right next to a bunch of other people. Am still traumatised after all these years.

What’s is the flavour of “whatsapp”? (I know what whatsapp is)

Look again. But is it normal an infant’s arm is like this?

Chocolate jackpot. Edeka is a German supermarket chain. Probably the biggest.

Learn to make your own then.

Looks like a bad brand of toothpaste :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Whatsapp is great - I find it much more effective than Facebook Messenger or Skype.

WhatsApp’s quite recent change in TOS (I think especially the parts about them basically owning your communication and what they are allowed to do with it) has pushed a lot of people toward Signal.

For now, most of the world outside CONUS embraces Whatsapp. Not to say Signal (who are no saints) can’t or won’t overcome.

Last year it was meat packaged in heart shaped styrofoam. This year…

“Next dish” is new to me…

Flour did fly out the supermarket door last year

Sandwich press?

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… and over the next year or so, staff of złoty stores * all over Poland found themselves fielding some very strange complaints and questions about hamburgers.

* because why a dollar store?

One is empty :thinking: :shushing_face:

Turns out to be a good looking man. Not sure if you people have Kinder chocolates in the US.

FFS. Everything has a system! I can imagine the state of the house of people who load the dishwasher like this.

Cool. We don’t have anything cool or nice here.

I know at least one person who might literally follow something like that (meaning she might observe that the little meter shows about 6.18 days remaining, and try to determine whether that would land before lunch or after lunch on the appointed day.)

The printing on the lid claims it’s the secret to great food; this one just happens to be the secret to great food for people who don’t like mayonnaise.

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Last week I posted a photo of a loaded dishwasher. Here’s how it’s should be loaded. Am I the only one who reads the manual before buying anything?

Whoever makes this chart has not had Riesling from Mosel (Germany). I think most Riesling Germany exports is sweet(ish) and the world thinks Riesling is sweet. Riesling from Mosel can be very dry and the mineral notes are quite noticeable. It’s fantastic.

Has anyone tried Marie Sharpe’s? I make my own chilli sauce/oil using scotch bonnet peppers.

I love all cruciferous vegetables. The more bitter the better.

Leave the oval and ones with white field spot.

Not the Fiery Hot, but certainly other products. It was good.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold